We know what it is like when you’re wanting to prepare for an interview. Whether it’s with us, or someone else, here are a few pointers that might just help get that call you want.

separate yourself from the pack

Digital marketing is an exciting and fast-moving field and iProspect is at the forefront of the digital revolution.  We are passionate about performance both inside and outside of work and are looking for more excellent teammates to add to our pack.  Ready to start the adventure in coming up with innovative, industry-leading solutions for the digital economy? Check out these top 5 tips for getting noticed in a new and crowded field.

Do your research

One of the easiest ways to impress an interview panel is to be prepared. It is also the easiest way to kill your chances of receiving an offer. Don’t be that guy. Preparation is key. It seems elementary but you should have a solid understanding of what the business does when going in to meet the team. Start by reviewing the website, read company blog posts and look for any white papers you can read. You are sure to score bonus points during your interview if you can mention what you’ve learned. The more you know the more confidence you will have in the interview.

Stand Out

The million dollar question: How do I stand out among my competition? There is no perfect formula but the best place to start is LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is up to date with all your current work or internship history. Ask for recommendations from former employers, coworkers, or clients. Essentially you will have multiple recommendation letters singing your praises for the whole world to see! Utilize this tool to its full functionality and you will be sure to get noticed.

Use your network

How many times have you been told to work your network? What are you waiting for? Start reaching out to all of your contacts. NOW! We spend big bucks rewarding our employees for referrals. If you are interested in us, do some LinkedIn research to see if you know anyone who works here. If you do, ask them to pass your resume along to their recruiting team. You could also look for industry meetup groups in your area; they are a great way to make connections.

Show your enthusiasm

First impressions are everything, so bring your A game! Sell yourself, tell us why you are a fit for that specific role as well as make your passion for the digital industry shine through. We want to sense an overwhelming desire from you that you WANT to be a part of our team. Be sure you know why you want to work and grow a career at iProspect; odds are this interview question will come up!

Go the extra mile

Typical application processes are straightforward. Apply online then wait to be contacted. Instead of sitting at home crossing your fingers for a call back, take matters into your own hands. Reach out to a leader in the organization and ask for an informational interview over coffee. This opens the door for opportunity. The opportunity allows you to network with industry insiders, gives you a chance to sell yourself and helps you understand what that company may be looking for in an employee.


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