The Challenge

Thomas cook The Challenge

Thomas Cook have seen an increasingly competitive travel landscape, with low levels of differentiation between competitor messaging.  Thomas Cook research found that consumers see “little difference” between holiday providers, with generic holiday imagery making it difficult for a consumer to pick which brand to book with.

 Increase in ROI

iProspect were tasked with differentiating Thomas Cook from the competitors – but most importantly, with serving the right message to the right person at the right time.

The Results

  • 72%

    Increase in revenue YoY

  • 29%

    Increase in ROI

  • 60%

    Viewability rate

The Strategy

Prospect Edinburgh’s truly dynamic creative solution has its roots in the performance market.

We identified three major customer types who purchase Thomas Cook holidays, broken down by whether their purchase motivation centred around price, ease or luxury. We went on to further segment these audiences by family and couple purchasers.

We then built those audiences in GA Premium based on on-site behavior, and passed that segmentation to Doubleclick Studios. We delivered the message with most resonance to that segment, serving real-time personalized creatives for individual consumers 

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