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o360 Series: Using AMNET as a Secret Weapon

This is the fourth  post in our o360 Series on 360 Degree Optimisation; using SEO, UX Optimisation, Content Optimisation, Customer Journey Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation to enhance the user experience to not only garner positive results for our clients, but also foster a positive experience for users that they will want to return to. AMNET is a partner with iProspect that enhances UX through optimising ad delivery to the most relevant users.

When people find out that I’m an AMNET Executive, they don’t say, “Oh, really? I know all about programmatic.” They usually just give me a wide-eyed fish face and say, “AMNET? What do they do?” That’s just it: Not a lot of people know about AMNET.

Now, I’m not here to convert your soul or tell you a bunch of sugar-coated nonsense. I’m here to tell you the truth (as I see it). Perhaps if you know the secrets of AMNET, it will give you some better perspective on why we do what we do.

Here are the facts:

Fact #1: AMNET is an Aegis Media Trading Desk.

While owned by Aegis, AMNET is a separate legal entity to both Carat and iProspect.  This is an important definition as we have to earn our stripes like any other third party media owners.

Fact #2: The AMNET Approach is Progressive and Personalised

The AMNET Approach has a more progressive and personalized approach than traditional methods of audience buying, which makes it a perfect fit for our o360 series; we ensure the right ads reach the right people. This approach combines people, data and technology to deliver real time, targeted ads to the most relevant consumers.  This provides effective data driven display advertising with access to a significant portion of top Irish sites.

Fact #3: There are no magic tricks involved in how AMNET works

Unfortunately, no magic is involved.  AMNET uses data and technology to buy in real time on an auction basis, allowing us to buy the most valuable impression/user based on the objectives of a campaign. This results in reduced wasted impressions and improved efficiency over network buying, where we have to commit to buying impressions by the 000’s.

This targeting helps to solve the dilemma expounded by John Wanamaker, the 19th century founder of modern advertising: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Targeting Capabilities > Magic Tricks.

Contextual targeting is available

Data providers are available through AMNET

Demographic targeting is available

ISP and Geographic targeting

Targeting site specific by isolating best performing sites

Fact #4: AMNET is basically the Superman of Online Bidding

Though we have no aversion to kryptonite, AMNET makes bids faster than humans, is known to have special powers when it comes to ad placement, and has the capability to make women swoon (depending on the ad, of course). In all reality, AMNET’s process from beginning bid to ad placement takes 100 milliseconds, and uses various pieces of data such as the user’s demographic information, browsing history, location, and the page being loaded to select the perfect placement for an ad. This means a better experience for the user and a better return for our clients.


Typically RTB transactions are completed within 100 milliseconds from the moment the ad exchange received the request. Sadly, as Superman declined our timed head-to-head challenge with Real Time Bidding transactions, by default RTB was crowned champion. Superman, the challenge is still open!

Fact #5: AMNET knows who to serve cute kitten ads to (verses cute pups), and how many times.

We can distinguish AMNET with the following:

Prospecting - Being able to see what works means we can strip out what does not, we can then isolate audiences & inventory that performs well. Having this full visibility allows us to gain further insights and inform offline planning as well. They exclude all people who go to the site not just converters so you are sure these are new leads.

Frequency – We are able to apply a universal frequency cap across all campaigns so we don’t bombard users with different campaign messages increasing frequency and waste.

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Fact #6: AMNET and Programmatic is always improving.

Programmatic buying and selling of advertising, real-time bidding, automation, and the buying and selling of digital media is changing rapidly. Approximately 20% of all digital advertising is sold by one machine talking to another machine—and growing rapidly.

What really makes AMNET different is its focus is on delivering better performing media. It’s more than just a media buying company. Because AMNET allows us see site level detail, we will now be able to see what sites we retarget on, which tells us where our actual customers our going online. This can help guide branding campaigns and future buying. We will allow full access to their platform, giving us complete transparency to what optimizations are been made, what sites we are appearing on and allowing us to see the where is best for converting users.

Fact #7: Brand Safety - THERE’S LIFE ON MARS!

Haven’t you seen the escapades of Douglas Quaid? Apologies, I’m an Arnie Fan and like nothing more than to sit down with a bowl of Shreddies and watch Total Recall for the millionth time! More importantly (and truthfully), Brand Safety – AMNET can provide a safer environment for your ads, using verification tools, AMNET update their blacklist each week with over 50,000 sites.

To wrap it all up, an AMNET Case Study

Take this Luxury Retail case study for a solid example of why AMNET is providing 360 degrees of optimisation for iProspect's clients:

GOAL: Our goal was to improve quality of audience and overall campaign performance of brand’s seasonal line through targeting women shoppers.


AMNET used a combination of pre-emptive verification service to increase the quality of sites, created a white list to increase delivery on higher performing sites and used more aggressive bidding against top performing audience segments that resulted in higher performance.

In Summary

So there you have it. Amnet is achieving great results for clients. But we’re not just self-righteously applauding our amazingness, we have successful campaigns and case studies to back up our claims.

My granddad always said he could put teeth on a duck, and I’d like to think that we here in AMNET are putting online teeth on proverbial ducks (advertising campaigns). We optimise every campaign to ensure the right audience is targeted. Oh and no, ducks don't have teeth. Although, they do have small grooves on the inside of their bills to help chew food!

If you have questions or comments about AMNET or what we're doing to optimise performance for iProspect's clients, give us a shout. We'd love to chat.