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iProspect and BrightEdge Explore the Need for Intelligent Content

Discover the latest research from iProspect and BrightEdge, which looked at the performance of billions of pieces of content from over 9000 brands — including many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 industries — and found that although the biggest driver for performance was engagement, only 1 in 5 pieces of content produced by brands are engaged by their target audience.

The research was conducted using the BrightEdge Data Cube and engagement was defined as traffic, conversions and revenue — varies not only by industry, but also by channel.

The downloadable whitepaper, compiled by the two companies, looks that the future of content and performance, and how content increasingly needs to be driven by ROI – but how performance marketing also needs to backed up by high-quality editorialised content. It’s a paper that truly showcases the need to bring art and science together in order to cut through the noise online.

Contact us if this research is of interest, and whether you’d be interested in interview its authors – Ben Wood, Global President, iProspect and Jim Yu, Founder and CEO, BrightEdge – to discuss it in more detail. 

Quotes from both are as follows:

“In today’s modern advertising industry, there is a tendency to split down two different paths. On one side we lean on science - the data and the technology. On the other, we focus on creativity – the art and the imagination. But with only 1 in 5 pieces of content ever consumed by real people, quality is revealed as the key differentiator. Content today has to be original, it has to be fresh, professional, multimedia, quick to render, agnostic to device, personalised to the consumer, adaptive to their situation and ultimately valuable. Only an intelligent approach will suffice.” Ben Wood, Global President, iProspect

“Today, every brand is a publisher, resulting in tens of millions of pieces of content spread around the web every day, which fragments consumer attention. With no sign of content marketing slowing down, marketers are tasked with not only creating a steady pipeline of content, but ensuring that content is engaging and high performing. Fortunately developing content that measurably performs in terms of traffic, conversions and revenue is achievable with the right approach, technology and know-how. The 2016 marketing imperative is to run content marketing by the numbers.” Jim Yu, Founder and CEO, BrightEdge