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iAnalyse Series: WD-40 For the Data Machine

Although still a relatively new addition to iProspect’s arsenal of assets, iAnalyse is fast becoming one of the most talked about analytical tools we use. Why? Simply put, because iAnalyse manages the relationship between data and information in a way that’s unique, intelligent and efficient.

Anyone who handles large sets of data on a regular basis knows the relationship between Data, Information and Insight. In order to gain insight from data, that data must first be presented effectively as information. Therefore the relationship between data and information is the first cog in the data processing machine. If this first cog is slow and sluggish, the whole machine becomes inefficient.

In our digital world of marketing things change quickly, so your data machine needs to run as fast as your market in order for your insights to be accurate and more to the point, useful in real-time.


Historically in our industry, the relationship between data and information has been managed almost exclusively with Microsoft Excel, requiring manual data input and manipulation to finally produce informative reports. Excel is fine if you have dedicated resources for reporting, but if not you tend to end up spending 90% of your reporting time processing data rather than turning information into insight. Also, if your Excel skills are rusty the whole data machine can come to an abrupt halt, with the engineers citing human error or incomplete/ incorrect data input.

This is where iAnalyse really comes into play. iAnalyse can plug directly into ad serving interfaces and process the data from them almost in real-time, negating the need for any manual data handling. It’s the ultimate WD-40 solution for your data machine. With iAnalyse, once you’ve set up how you’d like your information presented, the interface will populate those reports with Data instantly and continuously, giving you the information you need quick enough to mean your insights are relevant and useful.

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 Therefore the only margin for human error is during the report creation process. You need to build the machine right in the first place to get it to run efficiently and teething problems are to be expected. Once that’s sorted and your data is coming through accurately you have an automatic report that populates indefinitely, saving you hours of data handling in the future.

This allows us to do our jobs as analysts more effectively. Now that the data handling is taken care of, we’re free to turn information into insight, allowing us to make the most out of our data and keep the whole industry ticking over like a well-oiled machine.