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Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google Analytics 360 Suite – Measurement & Insight to Action & Optimisation

In today’s competitive digital landscape, the ability to collect, segment and activate consumer data effectively is more important than ever to marketing success. And with companies utilising sophisticated analytics and marketing platforms three times more likely to outperform their peers, the demand for an integrated suite of tools which allows marketers to analyse the customer journey right down to the conversion is greater than ever.

But marketers don’t just want more data; they need a collection of powerful tools which allows them to analyse and understand data, gain useful insight and then action these insights to deliver optimised customer experiences.

Google recently announced a much anticipated update to its analytics offering, unveiling the Google Analytics 360 Suite. A set of integrated data analysis and marketing products aimed at the enterprise level marketer. The new suite consists of a mix of brand-new and rebranded products.

Google Analytics 360 will replace Google’s existing enterprise level analytics offering, Google Analytics Premium. This will act as the measurement centrepiece of the Analytics 360 Suite, providing consumer insight across all devices and touchpoints. While no major updates or new features have been announced as of yet, Google has promised some exciting developments in the future.

Google Analytics 360 users will also have access to a standalone and enterprise level version of Google’s industry leading tag management system, Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager 360 has been built from the existing product and promises to streamline workflows, offer more simplified data collection and provide powerful APIs to increase the accuracy of data collected.

Google Attribution 360, a completely rebuilt version of Google’s Adometry software, will provide attribution solutions in the suite. Attribution 360 allows marketers to measure and optimise media spend across all channels, both online and offline, and make a real impact on customer journey and return on investment.

Google Data Studio 360, a brand new data analysis and visualisation product, integrates the data from across the Analytics 360 Suite of products and allows marketers to create interactive dashboards and reports. Built using Google Docs technology, Data Studio 360 also allows for real-time sharing and collaboration of data between team members.

Google Optimize 360, a content personalisation and testing tool, is another new offering from Google. This allows marketers to action the insights they have gained from their data by performing A/B and multivariate tests, personalise content based on audiences or customer segments and deliver experiences that work best for customers.

Perhaps the most significant part of this announcement is the launch of Google’s first data management platform (DMP). Google Audience Center 360 will help marketers to understand and target their customers and similar audiences across various channels, devices and campaigns. While Google have confirmed that Audience Center 360 will be open to third party data providers and demand-side platforms, its native integration with DoubleClick and AdWords makes this a potential game changer for search marketers.

The introduction of a DMP will make Google’s analytics offering much more competitive to enterprise level marketers in the future. This will put Google in direct competition with more established products in the market such as Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and Oracle’s BlueKai. Google will also be better positioned to compete with Facebook’s “people-based” ad platform, Atlas, which has threatened the search giant’s advertising dominance.

This will also see Google compete directly with other content personalisation and optimisation tools on the market. While Google Analytics has allowed site testing through Content Experiments for some time now, its capabilities have long been surpassed by easy-to-use tools such as Optimizely.

While the potential benefits for Google are apparent, the Google Analytics 360 Suite also represents an exciting opportunity for enterprise-level marketers. In today’s digital environment, it is more difficult than ever to get a complete view of the consumer journey as users switch devices and paths to conversion become more fragmented. It is even more difficult to then make sense of that journey and turn data into action.

Where tools do exist to answer these marketing questions, they are often difficult to use, poorly integrated or require expensive and hard to find expertise. With the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google has focused on making these tools accessible while providing marketers with actionable insights which have a real impact on performance.

While details are scarce at present and the suite is far from the finished product – four of the six products are still in limited BETA – this is potentially a huge development in the world of web analytics, audience segmentation, attribution and optimisation. Google have even boasted that this new product will do for marketing analytics what Google Search did for web search.

Whether or not this will be the case remains to be seen, but this is something we will be watching very closely ahead of its full launch in May 2016.

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