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Display Year in Review

The past year was an exciting year with numerous changes that have enacted industry-changing forces. These forces, imposed in majority by web browsers automatically pausing Flash content, and the uprising of ad blocking solutions across desktop, tablet and mobile, have made us rethink quite a bit on how we plan campaigns, by seeking new solutions, ideas, alternatives, and especially opportunities these bring to ourselves as industry leaders, and most importantly our clients.

Break through the clutter, tailor your ads to your segments and stand out

As we all know, 2015 was a big year in Display advertising with the migration over to HTML5. Without going into much detail about the differences of Flash and HTML5 creative, we know that HTML5 offers added security, but the key advantage of this is how flexible and adaptable across any screen this can be. With this we expect dynamic ads to gain increased potential use by advertisers. We have explored Dynamic Retargeting, but now we expect Dynamic Prospecting to be the next level of Display.

The possibilities of the data that can be pulled dynamically are almost endless. We can use various first, second and third party data sources that vary from location, interests, time, weather, stock levels, price, context, etc. We can dynamically and intelligently customize ads for virtually every user segment, so this can allow us to achieve messaging personalization and contextualization at a large scale much more efficiently, ultimately leading to greater yields.

Of course, we need to bear in mind how individualized our ads end up being, but generally an interesting, compelling, and adequate ad that speaks with the consumer is the way to go in an increasingly cluttered digital world, where the most intelligent, and innovative, executions prevail.

We are here to lead this trend, giving our clients great opportunities where their customers are increasingly more demanding. Display is an essential touch point on any consumer journey, so we need to deliver the right message, to the right user, at the right time, as to deliver successful campaigns driving any desired business outcomes for our clients.

Ad blocking is limiting, yet brings light new opportunities

One other 2015 hot topic has been Ad Blocking. Although the usage of these pieces of software has always been increasing across desktop, it was with the announcement of Apple’s iOS 9 now allowing users to install ad blockers on their smartphones and tablets, that this was more discussed in the last few months. The usage of ad blocking solutions is expected to increase greatly in 2016, as a study from PageFair and Adobe suggests, and this will affect advertisers. But as it is in this fast-paced digital advertising world, we thrive to find solutions, new ideas, on how we can best overcome obstacles and continue to deliver better results for our clients.

ad blocking

What we see that will happen as a result of this, is the up-rising of native advertising. In simple words, it means paid content. Where advertisers can pay media owners to natively publish branded articles, infographics, videos, pictures, etc. This can also be a great way to reach out our product, or brand, to our target audience as well as providing valuable content. A very well produced native article, editorial, etc. if well aligned with the publication it is being promoted can almost not even be perceived as advertisement, although it is still highlighted as “suggested” or “promoted” content.

We have seen at this stage that click through rates are quite strong with these articles amongst most of our partner publishers, and the length of time a person has spent on, for instance, an article’s page, is around 3 minutes. These are promising numbers, and as well bode quite well with the importance of good content, whether that is on your own website or published, that is intelligent, personal, adaptive and valuable. Good content is data driven, and this is a key element of our SEO basics, and it is interesting to see how digital channels are becoming more intertwined.

With every challenge, new opportunities emerge

We are specialists in all types of digital marketing and we know how to bring it together. Even with the uprising of ad blocker’s usage we constantly thrive to look for alternatives that do still drive business outcomes for our clients. As industry leaders, we ensure that all digital marketing disciplines work together, deliver an enjoyable, relevant, experience and value to the user, deferring users to seek out ad blockers.

The year 2016 will be challenging, yet full of new opportunities and exciting new trends. With every barrier coming our way, we want to take lead in innovating and presenting alternative solutions for our clients, also at the same time contribute to this industry that is ever-changing so rapidly, and we love it.