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Amnet Year in Review

The last few months have been an exciting time for the Dentsu Aegis Network business in Ireland.  Amnet Ireland, the group’s programmatic buying arm officially transitioned operations from Manchester in the UK to Dublin October 1st. A team of 5 members have been hired to run the new operation, including; General Manager Julian Lynch who has been working in Ireland with the Manchester Team until now, and Head of Programmatic Dave Lenny, who joins from Google’s DoubleClick Team. The team also includes three Programmatic Traders; Ben Staves, Siqi Yang and Ronan Curtin.   

Why Ireland?

Our new location enabled us to source local media opportunities and work with partners to deliver innovative programmatic solutions in this new digital era of audience based media buying. Irish clients will now benefit from a service level that is unavailable elsewhere in this market. This move also means that Amnet is even more firmly embedded in the local agency model, working alongside iProspect as well as Carat and Vizeum. This closer proximity will help to ensure that we collectively deliver the best fully integrated solution.

How does Amnet work?

Along the way, Amnet uses data to increase advertising effectiveness by assigning a value to every impression across display, video and mobile. We then use that value to ensure the client doesn’t waste budget by advertising to prospects that will never have an interest in their brand, products or services. Our local presence is designed to ensure that this is all taken into account during our collaboration sessions with iProspect, Carat and Vizeum.

Amnet Ireland

What did Amnet accomplish in 2015?

 Although the team is only three months old, we have already begun to deliver a collection of innovative campaigns. In October the team delivered a programmatic campaign for Dublin Bus titled ‘The Mad Dash Home’ in partnership with Rothco creative agency. A combination of video, mobile, YouTube’s TrueView, in-banner video and private market buys were integrated for the campaign.

The campaign produced some exceptional results including; reaching 90% of the target audience via digital channels and a video completion rate on mobile that matched desktop results. In December the team are planning to run our first weather targeted campaign for BMW using real-time weather feeds to activate a campaign alerting drivers to take precautionary measures for their tyres this winter. The team has also entered the Dublin Bus campaign into The Drum and DoubleClick Programmatic UK Awards and are eagerly waiting to hear the shortlist announcements.

What are Amnet’s plans for the future?

Amnet Ireland’s goal in 2015 going into 2016 is to deliver best in class programmatic solutions for Dentsu Aegis clients. Programmatic has been a hot topic within the industry for some time, however most advertisers find it overly complicated and at times a little overwhelming. This is not surprising given the pace of change and technology developments within the industry. To Amnet Ireland, programmatic in its simplest form means using data and insights to deliver better performance solutions and insights. To achieve this, the team are currently evaluating and testing a collection of platforms across video, premium display and mobile solutions.

We live in a VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.  Each customer interaction happens on a different device, different media channel and at a different time during the lifecycle of brand engagement.  Our approach helps bring order to this fragmentation. It enables us to consolidate customer interactions across multiple channels into a single view and then uses this view to develop a single, overarching strategy about how to best engage) with those audiences.

Although the transition to HTML5 and ad blocking dominated much digital media attention in 2015, the view in Amnet is that 2016 will focus more on data cultivation and partnerships. We have already begun exploring data partnerships for a number of advertisers. We see our role as educating clients on the value of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data buying and utilizing it effectively. Amnet Ireland’s view is that we are beginning to see the establishment of a wider data ecosystem among a series of advertisers. The various announcements of tech companies releasing data management platforms including Google’s Audience Centre reinforce this view. 

In setting up operations Amnet Ireland  has focused on a technology neutral approach, therefore we are not tied to a singular platform, exchange or data set that we rely on to deliver our campaigns. When we plan a campaign we have a wider range of options available to us through our various technology partnerships and close relationships with the key tech players, and the onus is on us to choose the right approach.  Having access to a wider spectrum of tech, data and exchanges combined with our sister agencies, provides a huge range of options for advertisers.