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10 Content Takeaways from a day at Learn Inbound

It’s unusual to look forward to an event only to have it exceed your expectations. Usually, it was good but…not quite what I’d hoped for. Learn Inbound last Wednesday was everything I had hoped for and more.

Speakers laying it all out there, what worked, what didn’t and why.There were an overwhelming number of practical takeaways from the day. Here are 10 that really stood out for me as a content marketer.

1. Scaling ideation? 635 brainwriting 

We’ve all been there, in a brainstorm…out of ideas. It’s not pleasant. This may be a solution. Developed by Bernd Rohrbach in the 60’s, highlighted by Stacey MacNaught635 brainwriting is a way for a group of people (ideally 6) to come up with 90 ideas in half an hour. 

2. Quality content

More insight from Stacey MacNaught; wondering how to judge quality content? NUF may be the answer:

  • New
  • Useful 
  • Feasible

Hit all 3 and you are on the way to success. Hit 2 of them and it may still be viable. 

3. Citations matter

While we all know the importance of links when it comes to getting our content seen, as Laura Crimmons reminded us, citations matter too. They are a key ranking factor for Google so the more places you can get your business named in the better, whether there is a link or not. Get going with that digital PR!

4. What to measure? Assisted conversions

It can be difficult to see the value in the time and effort that goes into digital PR and outreach. Remember as well as improving your SEO, it might be increasing the number of assisted conversions so don’t forget to measure that as a KPI.

5. Meet existing customers for persona information

Hopefully we are all using information from sales departments, analytics and keyword research. Simon Penson from Zazzle Media asked how many of us actually go out and meet our customers? Treat them to a coffee in exchange for their insight into why they use your business and the problems in their lives you solve.

6. Hero, Hub, Hygiene mix

We all love a big idea, you know the one thing that’s going to cost a bit but get a load of traffic to our website but what happens if the landing page isn’t optimised? Or is missing a CTA? More often than not the visitor bounces.  Simon reminded us there are x3 types of content and you need to have the right mix to see success.

  • Hygiene: this is your foundation, the content on your web and landing pages. Start here and make sure it is customer centric. 
  • Hub: this is the data based content, answering your personas questions 
  • Hero: the fun stuff, the big idea, once you have built a strong foundation – go for this!

7. How to compete?

In an overcrowded world, how to you as a medium or new-ish business complete with the big players? Mackenzie Fogelson’s advice, now your audience, know them well, have a great product and a cause that you truly believe in. The Happy Pear are a great Irish success story using this method.

8. Thinking, Feeling and Doing

To really resonate, Mackenzie and her team work to understand what a persona is thinking, feeling and doing and create content that speaks to those things.

9. Show visitors themselves in your landing pages

It’s really easy to get caught up in what our products do instead of how the can solve problems for the user when it comes to landing pages on our websites. Joanna Wiebe showed us the difference between a benefit lead landing page and one that was tailored to the visitor. Use you, the brand is the assistant, the customer is always the hero of the story.

10. Concrete concepts

Explain the benefits of your product or service in their lives in simple language. The example used was for sweat block and the headline is “Control your sweat. And wear what you want.” Simple and effective.

If I’m honest this list is 10 out of so many insights over the day. Not abstract insights, no, the real life ‘this is what we did and this is what worked’ kind. If you were there what else would you add?

The focus on real life experience at campaign level is what makes Learn Inbound a unicorn among digital events. What are you waiting for? Grab your early bird ticket for the January event today.