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Display Series: Planning and Choosing the Right Mobile Environment

In this month's Performance Display Series, we'll be taking on some of the challenges, changes and developments in the world of display, as well as providing our own insight into where it's headed. 

Mobile marketing comes with its own set of challenges, multiple screen sizes and operating systems and a completely different user experience. The way we interact with mobile devices using touch technology is dissimilar to the desktop and/or laptop experience. As of June last year, the preferred method of researching and purchasing products was through desktop use.

Mobile Display

However, the mobile statistics for mobile shopping continue to rise, just look at our recent blog post about Google’s Mobilegeddon, 69% of people use a smartphone first to research or purchase products.

When planning a digital performance marketing campaign for clients we have the option to buy advertisements on mobile web and/or in mobile apps.  It is important to consider that in-app ads and mobile web placements can be very different user environments.

In choosing the right mobile route for your campaign, you should take into account not only the audience you are speaking to but also what the campaign KPI and creative call to action is. Is the KPI app download? Is it lead generation on a mobile website?

For App download campaigns, we have found that in-app ads can be very effective, however you need to consider the audience of the apps you may be buying inventory on, what sort of mind frame are they in – consuming media if it’s a news site, gaming if it’s a gaming app etc. The popularity of the mobile website or app needs to be relatively high; with a large volume of daily users and compelling content that keeps users interested. All of these factors are important to keep top of mind at the planning stage with a focus on performance metrics, such as a higher engagement rate.

So what creative should you use?

When considering how to engage a customer audience with a brand, it is important to utilise interactive rich media formats such as interstitial, expandable, splash, swipe, skins and pre-roll video advertisements that could help build user engagement and ultimately brand recall and sentiment.


As you may have seen in our earlier blog HTML5 Explained, HTML5 is on the rise and more important than ever concerning cross device ad serving. Flash is not a friend of mobile and tablet environments and if you want your creative to function correctly on them, HTML5 is a must!

Measuring Mobile

We’ve come a long way in the past 12 months with regards to measuring mobile activity. With the advent of Double Click Campaign Manager, we can now track conversions from mobile cross device in the below instances.

Mobile Display

As a result we are no longer flying blind when it comes to mobile! Just like desktop display, the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns can now be measured in terms of not just impressions and clicks but also conversions.

When it comes to mobile marketing managing the sales funnel can also be a complex issue, with some customers initially researching products on mobile, then opting to make purchases on desktop or laptop later and others simply buying directly from their mobile devices. The former requires that cross-channel marketing be adapted so as to convert prospects and leads to customers.

There is also the Internet of Things (IoT) to be contemplated, what will the future bring for display marketing when multiple devices are connected to the Internet at once? This concept has the potential to change how marketers use data to display advertising when retargeting customers.

Mobile can be tricky but it can also be really effective when utilised properly and comprehensive planning, engaging creative and accurate measurement are the key to mobile success!

Stay tuned this week for more insights into Performance Display; including how lookalike audiences are enhancing prospect targeting, our take on viewability and how attribution needs to (and should) be the most important tool in your marketing arsenal.