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There are two sides to display ad operations, in one corner you have the publisher ad operations squad who ensure creative is tested before it goes live on a site, that a campaign runs smoothly and performs well. In the other are agency ad operations who also test creative, tag it up and supply it to the publisher ad operations team in a timely manner before the go live date. I’m just going to come out and say it - ad operations can be tough sometimes no matter what side you’re on. We’re behind the scenes a lot of the times, under pressure to go live in time and generally forgotten about when the kudos rolls in.

Because we firmly believe being able to laugh at yourselves (and others) iProspect ad ops have decided to gather a collection of #AdOpsProblems. This is a collection of things that you can of course try and talk to your family/friends/spouse/partner/cat/ about these things but let’s be honest -  they have no idea what you’re talking about. These are things that only other ad ops rangers will understand.

No one knows what you do
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Your parents and your friends know it has something to do with “The Internet” but it’s only when they ask you to provide tech support or photoshop an image that you realise they have no idea what you do everyday. The mere thought of someone new asking you what you do means you break out in a cold sweat. Trust me, saying you’re a trafficker doesn’t go down very well at parties. Usually having to explain it involves explaining the industry in general and where you fall into, and let’s face it people have usually stopped listening when you say “you know those ads on websites” because….

Everyone Hates What You Do

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Advertising usually rubs people the wrong way in general (see Bill Hicks above) but online advertising seems to attract an extra layer of vitriol. “You mean those auto-play video ads that keep giving away the fact that I’m dossing at work?” “Em not exa-” “Those pop-ups that give my computer viruses” “Again, there’s lots of diff-” “The ones that know what I’ve been Googling?!” “.....” You can’t win in this conversation, don’t even try. The best you can hope for is that your job doesn’t come up in any conversation. Better for everyone really.

Creative is working perfectly everywhere...except for the client

Ad Ops 4

Everything has been tested, approved and all’s ready for campaign kick off….then the client gets in touch because the creative doesn’t work for them.  Instead of basking in the glow of having everything ready for launch it’s a mad panic to try and figure out what the issue is and solving it before live date. This problem can also lead into…

Not knowing why an issue is happening

Ad Ops 3

But you need to reassure everyone while you’re investigating so mass panic doesn’t ensue. Think about it, when you’re talking to support the least helpful thing they can do is come back with nothing - at least being told that they’re working on it makes you feel a little bit better!

Reporting Discrepancies…why Lord, why?

Discrepancies happen for a number of reasons and any below 10% are seen as standard. But on the rare occasion they’re above that is heartbreaking. A simple campaign has turned into a monster of a problem and we now have to start an investigation. It gets worse when we realise we may even have to get support involved - and we know how helpful they are.

Ad Ops 6
One letter + one number - Q4


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Ad Ops 10

At least it only comes once a year, right guys?

When the internet goes down 
Ad Ops 6

I don’t think you understand Internet Gods, I have many takeovers to traffic and urgent campaign changes to make. Please come back, I promise I won’t complain about slow load times anymore!

To finish up on a positive note

That feeling on a Friday evening when all campaigns are under control, homepage takeovers for Monday are all set-up and it’s 17.29

Ad Ops 8

Versus when the very opposite happens

Ad Ops 7

Happy Ad Opsing! Thanks to the geniuses at What Happens in Ad Ops for the inspiration.