6 Tips for Landing Page Optimisation

Landing page optimisation is crucial for any website. You can drive users to your website but getting them to convert can be a challenge. So what should you do? By following some landing page best practices you can improve your conversion rates significantly.

Here are our top tips for Landing Page Optimisation

  1. Create relevant and unique content for your landing page. Content should appeal and engage users and accurately describe your product or service. Always make sure to have the most important information above the fold of the page so that users don’t need to scroll down the page.
  2. Make sure to include strong messaging in your page headline so that its eye catching and instantly engages the user. Headlines should also convey the USP for your product or service.
  3. Calls to action should be highly prominent on the landing page and easily identifiable for a user. It is also important to ensure these are above the fold of the page so they are immediately visible to users.
  4. Review the page layout and make sure there’s no clutter so users don’t get distracted. Ensure that users can easily navigate around the page and that the overall look and feel is professional. Make sure also that you choose your colour scheme carefully as the use of certain colours on your site may often effect conversions.
  5. Ensure Meta Tags are fully optimised for SEO with relevant title tags, keywords and that the page description accurately describes the page content so to engage users.
  6. Navigation should have a clear structure so that it’s easy for users to navigate around the website and that they can easily find what they are looking for. Use of Breadcrumb navigation is also important for SEO and makes your website user friendly.

Landing page optimisation is so important so get the basics right from the beginning and you will see your conversions increase!