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In this week’s iProspect TV video Hannah brings us through her top 5 Twitter tools that she uses for business. She explains what she likes about Tweet Deck, Twitter Analytics, Bitly, Google

In this week's iProspect TV video Hannah brings us through her top 5 Twitter tools that she uses for business. She explains what she likes about Tweet Deck, Twitter Analytics, Bitly, Google URL builder and FollowerWonk. So watch the video to discover if you're missing out on any great tools.

Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Hannah and this is my first iProspect TV video without Kevin trying to stick his face in.
So today I am going to talk to you about my 5 top Twitter tools I use for business.

1. Tweet Deck

So number 1 is Tweet Deck. So Tweet Deck is a Twitter Dashboard which is owned by Twitter itself and you can access it at So, what I love about Tweet Deck is that it just gives you a whole bird's eye view and a really good snap shot of what is going on on Twitter at any time. So you can create customised streams and lists involving whatever you want to follow or your're interested in. So in my case I have my own feeds such as the iProspect feed and my own personal Twitter feed, so that just lets you see whoever you are following. Or you can get even more customised or personalised and create lists with certain hashtags. So in this case we might be following #digitalmarketing to stay on top of any ongoing news. So you can keep a constant eye on that and it will constantly update as well. And another list you can create is a list of maybe a private list you created on Twitter full of people maybe that are influencers in your industry so you can add them all to a list and you can add the list there and just keep an eye on those influencers are really be able to engage with them at all times so they don't get lost in your overall twitter feed. What also is great about it is you can schedule tweets as well which is what I do pretty much every day. I'll sit down and I'll schedule a load of tweets for the day and then you just set them out for whatever time you want them to go. and that is your Twitter activity done for the day.

2. Twitter Analytics

My second most favorite Twitter tool is Twitter Analytics which can be accessed through the Twitter Deck. And to get access to the Twitter Deck is by you know paying for a paid Twitter campaign. Now it used to be the case that you had to pay at least €5k to get access to this but now as most you know you can spend you know what least €100 or a tenner or even €50 on Twitter to put into a paid campaign. So that will give you access to this Twitter analytics data. And what is so great about this is because you can track followers, gained followers over certain periods of time. Now what I use mostly is, so every time you send a tweet it will automatically populate into this list of all your tweets and you can change the time, so you can just look at tweets from the past month or the past few years. So it will tell you the tweet you posted, the time, the amount of clicks there was if there was a URL and the amount of favourites or re tweets or replies that tweet got. So what I do is dump all this in excel and I can add up all the data for the tweets that month and compared month and month and really track engagement. So that's what I like about this tool.

3. Bitly

And number 3 is Bitly. So Bitly is a URL shorter. So if you have a really long URL such as iProspect forward the best blog in the world and you don't want to throw that on to Twitter cause it just looks really long and not very nice to look. So you stick it into bitly and it will shorten it. So what's great about Bitly is that once you have an account which is free you can track the amount of clicks that individual Bitly link got. So It's great if you don't have access to Twitter analytics because as I said that can count the amount of clicks every URL got in your tweet. So in Bitly it does the exact same thing.So it's great for measuring how interested people were in that topic and how many people clicked on the link to go to your website.

4. Google URL Builder

And my fourth tool is Google URL builder. So one of the problems and difficulties with Twitter marketing is knowing if your efforts on Twitter are really paying off so what Google URL builder does is it allows you to create a special URL which allows you to track visitors to your site on Google Analytics via Twitter much more effectively. So basically you can sort out any traffic to your site that came via twitter via the URL you posted on Twitter, if that makes sense. You can basically just see if they are converting on your site, achieving goals and how much time they're spending on your site.

5. FollowerWonk

And last but not least my fifth favorite tool is FollowerWonk. Now, FollowerWonk is a MOZ too and I wrote a very detailed blog by the tool a few months ago which you can check out and there will be a URL below in the blog post. So basically what's so great about Followerwonk? You should really sit down and use this before you even plan any Twitter strategy or marketing plan. So it allows you to do things like find really targeted Twitter followers, look at demographics and find out really basic stuff

like what time of day your followers are most active. So it's really great for getting the most out your campaign.

So that is a very quick summary of my 5 top Twitter tools. There are so many more that you can use so let us know what your favorite Twitter tools are. So thanks for watching and make sure to watch our next video.