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In this video Shenda reflects back on what she thinks was the biggest change in digital marketing in 2013 and what she see’s happening in 2014. Watch the video to find out what Shenda thinks.

Welcome to sixth week of iProspect TV! In this week’s episode of iProspect TV, Kevin speaks to the one and only Shenda Loughnane, iProspect Ireland CEO. In this video Shenda reflects back on what she thinks was the biggest change in digital marketing in 2013 and what she see's happening in 2014. Watch the video to find out what Shenda thinks.


Video Transcription

Kevin: Hi guys. Welcome to the latest video from iProspect TV. Today I've got with me a very special guest, our CEO Shenda, who I've managed to pry away for a couple of quick minutes to ask her some questions about the biggest trends in digital in 2013 and what she sees happening in 2014. So Shenda, first off can I ask you, what do you think the biggest change in digital marketing was in 2013? The thing that if you're not doing now, you're really going to miss out on and that you really should be doing. 

Shenda: I'd say without a doubt the biggest change in 2013 was programmatic buying or real time bidding and we're doing that now for a lot of our clients and seeing some fantastic results. So getting much greater efficiencies then we've ever seen before in display advertising and in fact rivaling search in some cases for some of our clients.

Okay so, programmatic buying was the biggest change in 2013. So what do you see coming up in 2014 that people really need to pay attention to and be aware of? 

Shenda: I'd say in 2014, programmatic is still going to be a really big trend and will continue its upward trajectory. We're doing a lot of work around private market place deals. So getting publishers to upload more and more of their inventory onto a programmatic platform that allows us to trade in that way. So I think that will continue and that will be fantastic. It will give us much greater efficiencies in the way in which we buy display media. The big trend I'd see is around data. We know that the life of third party data is most likely limited. So first party data is going to become very important and gaining access to data and really good quality data that you can make decisions on is going to become really big in 2014. And the third trend that I'd say this is really important for 2014 is around content and making sure that we're able to make content that drives SEO performance but content that is also engaging, fit for purpose and that really drives business results. So I think that content will be really big in 2014. 

Kevin: Awesome, so programmatic bidding, understanding data and really good content for SEO? Shenda: Absolutely. Kevin: So obviously, there are quite a few options there and a lot of different things happening so a lot of the bigger clients might be able to do all of those things, probably should be doing all of those things. What if you're maybe a small to medium business and you might have limited resources. What's maybe the one key area of digital that you could focus on next year that's really going to impact your bottom line in a positive way? 

Shenda: Well if you're a smaller business I'd say without a doubt it's making sure you have some sort of analytics programme in place. So lets say Google Analytics or something like that so you can absolutely measure everything so that you track every single bit of activity that you are doing. You measure every single little bit of data and you squeeze the best performance from every single thing that you are doing. That's probably the one biggest thing that you should do. 

Kevin: So you need get into Google Analytics, all those numbers, all those different sections and figure out what they mean. There are a lot of great resources and tutorials out there and I definitely agree because no matter where you spend your money whether it's paid search or display or you're spending time creating content for SEO. You've got to know where it's working and where the return is, so I definitely agree with you on that point. So thanks Shenda.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. We'd love to hear your comments and questions. What do you think are going to be the biggest trends in 2014? Do you agree or disagree with Shenda? I wouldn't disagree with her, that's not a good idea! But you know obviously, you can leave us your comments and your thoughts and we'd love to hear them. Until next time, thanks for watching and take care! If you want to see more from iProspect Ireland, make sure to sign up to our monthly digital marketing round up newsletter, The iProspector! Subscribe here.