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Where can I find support

Should you decide to work with the iProspect GMP team, there are a number of ways in which we support our clients. Navigating your way through the Google Marketing Platform stack can be overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the technology and don’t know where to turn for support. However, there are a number of resources at your disposal that are both free to use and full of key information.

Account Managers
One benefit of a partnership with the GMP team here at iProspect is you have your own team of dedicated Account Managers. The main goal of our Account Managers is to get our clients so confident with the platforms that they can be completely self-managed and barely need us! But until we can get you to that point, we are here to answer any queries you may have, escalate any technical issues to Google or provide information on new and exciting features.

We also understand that some businesses may need a little a more assistance, which is why we also offer the option to purchase support hours from one of our Account Managers for those more demanding queries and tasks. These hours can be purchased on a monthly retainer, or on a project by project basis.

Whether you are happy to be completely self-managed, or need that extra helping hand, we are here whenever you need us. We make every effort to respond the same day, or for anything received after 3pm, the next working day.

For more details please email you Account Manager or GMP@iProspect.com


Google Support

Many GMP queries can be answered by support that is available in the Google Help Center. Whilst we always push to get back to your queries as quickly as we can, this isn’t always possible and so, this may have all of the answers you are looking for!

The Help Center contains a wealth of information on all products, features and tools. It also includes step by step guides and common troubleshooting techniques. Your Account Managers often use this resource to find the answers themselves, so why not cut out the middle man?

There are a few ways that this can be accessed:

·         Either visit https://support.google.com/ and type in your query

·         Access can be found from inside the platform itself by clicking the ‘?’ in the top right-hand corner. Again, type in your query and away you go

Top tip: Try to keep your query to a few simple words. For example:

Don’t write “Why are my creatives only approved on 2 of the 3 exchanges and how do I fix?”

Do write “Rejected creatives.”


Academy for Ads

Academy for Ads is a free Google training program available to anyone who uses the Google Marketing Platform. It allows you and your team to grow your advertising skills and knowledge of the software.The fast, easy to use training  means you'll be able to access online courses at any time, and from any device. 

Enroll in a learning path and take the associated courses. Then, you can test your knowledge by taking assessments. Depending on the learning path that you select, when you pass, you'll earn an achievement or a certification that will be displayed on your profile.

To access Academy for Ads please go to https://landing.google.com/academyforads and create your account.

Please note you must have a G-Mail account to access the training.