The Essentials: Q2 2020 - Introduction

The Essentials: Q2 2020 - Introduction

At iProspect, our digital marketing specialists frequently publish their thoughts, insights and advice on our website. We encourage our clients and partners to follow our latest local thinking on our News + Views page, yet we know it can be difficult to set aside time to digest all the content our experts create. For that reason, we created The Essentials, a quarterly roundup featuring some of our best thinking from across the globe, curated to help you catch up on what you should not miss in the world of performance marketing.

For this Q2 2020 edition of The Essentials, we selected both COVID-19 related and non COVID-19 related content that we hope will inspire you as a marketer in these challenging times.


Happy reading and stay well.






In this edition, we share key findings about content, commerce and CRM from The Reality of Recovery: A Post COVID-19 World, a report built upon the answers of 700+ clients across the globe. We also share the insights of In Brands We Trust, a report by iProspect and Microsoft analysing the answers of 25,000 consumers from 16 countries around privacy, and deep dive into this topic through a new webinar, How to Put Consumers First in a First Party World. In addition, we explore how to unlock the full potential of Data-Driven Creative Personalisation at scale. Finally, we discuss some of the latest Google Ads Products Announcements and analyse the The Transformation to Free Product Listings on Google Shopping and what it means for brands.



Discover our 5 considerations video series wherein iProspect specialists across the globe share some concrete advice on what you can do to adapt your digital marketing effort amidst the crisis, and don’t miss our special features on content strategy during COVID-19 and on SEO in times of crisis.


Additionally, as usage of social platforms and video platforms has skyrocketed since the pandemic started, we provide you with a complete Guide to Working with TikTok Creators, and an extensive checklist of strategies to optimise your organic presence on YouTube.