Earth Day 2020

Why iProspect is planting 2.5million trees on Earth Day 2020


Across the globe, all iProspectors are focused on driving performance with a purpose.


Whether this is through initiatives such as Movember, Route to Good, the Female Foundry, or Common Ground (a joint industry initiative to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals), iProspect is  committed to bridging the gap between consumers and brands to foster responsible and sustainable marketing. 


This purpose-driven mentality is why for the last three years, iProspect has worked in close partnership with Microsoft to deliver game-changing work for their clients globally by leveraging the Microsoft Advertising syndication network to reach customers at scale. A benefit of the Microsoft Advertising syndication network is that Microsoft partners closely with Ecosia, a search engine based in Berlin, Germany, that donates 80% or more of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation. Ecosia positions itself as a primary social business, is CO2-negative, and supports full financial transparency. It is a syndication partner of Microsoft Advertising, which means agencies can opt in to client advertising in search to show on the Ecosia website.


To date, iProspect's global spend on the Microsoft Advertising syndication network has meant that iProspect have been able to help plant 2.5 million trees across the world in locations such as Indonesia, Kenya,Colombia, and Burkina Faso. One million of these trees were planted in 2019 alone and iProspect looks forward to helping this number grow even more in 2020 and the years ahead.


"The global collaboration with iProspect has been incredible to date and I am so pleased that with the leaned-in approach with Microsoft Advertising, utilising our syndication partner Ecosia, iProspect have had a truly significant impact on our planet. iProspect are literally helping the world to breathe, said Adrian Cutler, Director, Global Agency, Microsoft Search Advertising.


"Microsoft is a key partner for iProspect globally, and through our joint initiative with Ecosia, together we can ensure that our clients and our people both recognise media's potential for good and know they are helping to contribute globally to our planet's wellbeing," added Misty Locke, Global CMO, iProspect.