Demystifying Google Shopping

Think about e-commerce 20 years ago. Amazon was just getting started, but was nowhere near the powerhouse it is today. Shopping online was hardly a thing. Google was a search engine and not much more. The only e-commerce that had really taken off was consumer-to-consumer sales through eBay.

Fast forward to today and the world is basically available at your fingertips – and next day at that! There are too many options to count when it comes to showcasing a product online and leading consumers down a path to purchase. But, when it comes to shopping, Google has developed one of the most powerful solutions available to consumers, showcasing exactly what a consumer is looking for at the moment they hit search. For brands, navigating this offering can be complicated and confusing, especially as the state of commerce continues to evolve. As part of our ongoing thought leadership series around e-commerce, Demystifying Google Shopping will help brands and manufacturers explore the advantages of this platform to ultimately drive business goals.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Google Shopping and how it is important to the eCommerce landscape – what it provides that differs from other offerings and how it can create stronger revenue for your brand. 
  • What types of companies can utilize Google Shopping successfully and where your company fits into these categories.
  • How to set goals and KPIs and determine the strategic themes you are pursuing for your company by using Google Shopping.
  • What future changes are coming to Google Shopping and how they can improve consumer experience, brand loyalty and sales.

With Google Marketing Live having taken place this week, Google is already thinking about how to improve this product. They announced several changes, including a refined Shopping experience that makes the process of using Google Shopping even easier for advertisers.

So, whether Google Shopping is already something you are doing, or something you want to learn more about, every brand needs to pay attention and understand how Google is playing in the retail space and how it can impact revenue. Evaluating the opportunities and understanding them based on the characteristics of your individual brand will help increase not only clicks, but ultimately purchases.

Download the full report for more details on how to navigate Google Shopping and what you can expect to see from Google in the future.