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Straight Talk About Why Marketers Should Get Involved with Clubhouse and Social Audio

iProspect has contributed to the Insider Intelligence Clubhouse and Social Audio 2021 report which offers extensive knowledge into social audio and its rise. It gives us insights into social audio apps including Discord and the newfound favourite, Clubhouse, and shares vision into how and when marketers should get involved.


Current circumstances have introduced issues unmatched to anything we have previously seen. Minimal and limited daily human interaction and video conference fatigue are becoming the norm. “Participating in conversations in social audio apps—or even just listening to other human voices speak about topics that are important to them—fills yet another need for connection,” the report explains. It gives an opportunity for “authentic, unfiltered discourse” so many of us are craving.


Launched in 2015, the app Discord, notable for its voice chat feature, has experienced significant uptake since the start of the pandemic. “Discord is perhaps the most scaled and mature platform among social audio venues,” said Rohan Philips, chief product officer at performance marketing agency iProspect. “That’s primarily driven by gamers but it’s increasingly being adopted outside of gaming by communities and individuals.”


Discord hasn’t been the only app to prosper since the pandemic. Despite being just over a year old, Clubhouse has “became the poster child for the social audio trend after it entered a period of hyper growth.” Clubhouse is filling the void the pandemic accelerated and is exceeding many expectations in doing so. The report commented on its potential saying, “[P]eople who are aware of it believe it could eventually challenge its audio and social media progenitors.”


The recent rise of social audio and Clubhouse are hot on every marketer’s radar. Click here to download the report to find out more.

This article is excerpted from the report Clubhouse and Social Audio 2021 report.