Pinterest - The Camera is the New Keyboard

Pinterest’s Unique Value Proposition: Building the Right Brain of the Internet

Pinterest is a powerhouse of consumer discovery and inspiration. Each day, users make more than 2 billion searches on the site, 97% of which are unbranded. From food and fashion to home, style, travel and more, Pinterest is the top destination for people seeking new ideas and inspiration.*

Based on these kinds of numbers, marketers have long understood that Pinterest represents an important opportunity to connect with specific audiences at a critical point in the purchase journey. In an effort to help brands capitalize on this potential, Pinterest substantially expanded their paid advertising capabilities in 2017. In our new white paper, The Camera is the New Keyboard, we explore with Pinterest how the platform has evolved to be the answer to visual search for consumers in a discovery mindset.

The paper was inspired in part by changing consumer search behavior. While search engines are an effective and efficient way for people to access specific information, they aren’t the perfect choice when someone has an open-ended question like, “What should I make for dinner?” The truth is, the majority of human questions are discovery questions that are seeking a range of creative possibilities and inspirations. That’s where Pinterest and a strong visual search strategy come in.

The Camera is the New Keyboard delivers a succinct summary of three valuable and actionable insights into how marketers can use Pinterest to reach people who are in market but still undecided. Strategies include:

  • Reaching consumers in active consideration mode via Pinterest’s visual technology, including the new “lens” feature that makes it possible for people to use their smartphone cameras to find visually similar ideas on Pinterest.

  • Leveraging Pinterest’s Taste Graph for high-quality prospecting in order to take advantage of Pinterest’s unique ability to create non-disruptive and highly relevant relationships with its users.

  • Accelerating the path to purchase on Pinterest with shopping features like Shop the Look and the multiple purchase options.


Marketers of brands with a strong visual aesthetic stand to benefit greatly from the consumers’ adoption of visual search behaviors, and iProspect believes Pinterest is uniquely positioned to add value as an integral part of the media mix.

Download the The Camera is the New Keyboard now, and get ready to up your visual search game in 2018.

* comScore study, summer 2017