iProspect Brings AI to SxSW

iProspect bring AI to SXSW 2018

iProspect and Microsoft joined forces at SXSW 2018 to introduce the world to Zo.ai, the bot powered by Microsoft that is breaking new ground in the US in AI, voice, image and sense. 



iProspect's Sam Huston, Chief Strategy Officer, and Jeremy Hull, VP, Innovation were joined onstage by Ying Wang, Director of ZO AI, Microsoft AI and Research Group and posed the “Can machines learn to be human?”. 


The panel debated whether machines can actually learn to be human, shared how Microsoft’s Xiaoice, an EQ-powered social AI, has become such a part of popular culture in China that last year she released her first book of poetry to critical acclaim. Watch the overview and full panel session below now for an insight into the future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Like what you see and want to listen to the whole panel?  Watch it now.