CES 2017: iProspect Speaking in Las Vegas This Week

The first week of the year brings with it the tech industry’s giant cornerstone event, CES (also known as the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. CES sets the tone for the consumer tech industry for the year to come. This year, according to industry insiders and media, is about the Intelligence of Things and the consumer experience.

iProspect will be at CES speaking on these very themes during two sessions at the DAN Clubhouse later this week. We’ll be co-presenting with Bing on digital assistants and how they will reorder our lives and redefine marketing.  We are also presenting with Pinterest on leveraging the power of social discovery.

Located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the DAN Clubhouse will be our home base during CES as well as the host for iProspect's two innovative sessions. If you are at CES this year and are interested in joining us, please RSVP at events@iProspect.com!

Thursday, Jan 5th, 2:30-3:15pm

“Would you like me to order that for you?”

How Digital Assistants will reorder our lives and redefine marketing

iProspect and Microsoft will define the players in this new orchestra and the role they each play. We'll talk about who is adopting digital assistants and what we can expect in the future. Finally, we will explore the impact digital assistants will have on marketing and the next evolution of search.

Speakers: Jeremy Hull, VP, Products and Services Solutions; Christi Olson, BING Evangelist

Friday, Jan 6th, 10:15-10:35am

Innovation Session: Leveraging the Power of Social Discovery

With Pinterest & iProspect

Speaker: Jeremy Hull, VP, Products and Services Solutions

We hope to see you in Vegas!