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My Cake Decorating by DeAgostini was relaunched after 2 years of absence. Apart from reminding people of its presence, it also had to manage the shift from an offline-only sales strategy to one that includes online sales as well.




conversion rate


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of the subscriptions occurred after the opening week



Using already existing data from other DeAgostini activations, as well as existing insights from other clients, we planned our strategy in two steps: 1) Awareness In order to extend the TV reach and frequency into the digital world, we utilized Google Display Network on one hand and Facebook Page post link ads and Page post photo ads (for organic posts’ distribution) on the other. All of the above were based on a tight targeting of female audience, aged 25-54. 2) Conversion Then it was the time to harness the product-related awareness generated by the ads (TVC and digital awareness). To do so, we turned to branded search, generic search, Google Remarketing and Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP). Therefore, our communication approach resembles to a funnel, with awareness media on top (generating volume but not direct conversions) and converting media on bottom (generating conversions but being subject to awareness media’s volumes).

My Cake Decorating

A brand’s comeback to the market after 2 years of absence and a significant change in its business model, all through digital media.