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Our people have passion in their DNA, and they power our performance.

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Dive into our stories below from around the world and discover that performance is in our people's DNA.

Being new to media didn't scare Melanie Sfreddo from diving in at the deep end with iProspect.

"This Experience Feels Incredible."

Melanie Sfreddo, Wakeboarder, Argentina

Our Team

Ready for your next challenge? See which roles we're hiring for right now.

Travel was always in Jonas Sommer's blood, and iProspect helped him to realise that dream - effort free.

"I Can Move, But Always Feel at Home."

Jonas Sommer, Scuba-Diver, Singapore

Working on challenging clients and projects fans Vinncent Nguyen's passions outside the office.

"The Digital Industry is Not Contained in a Box."

Vinncent Nguyen, Chef, US

Coming here, I realized that everyone is ahead of the curve.  As long as you keep innovating, you can't stop learning; and, that's part of the reason that I love working at iProspect and within the digital industry.
Vinncent Nguyen Digital Specialist, US

Cliff-faces high above the ground are where Birgit Gerlinger finds some of her most creative solutions.

"It's About Overcoming Fear."

Birgit Gerlinger, Rock Climber, Germany

Kou Luogon needed a company that would let her pursue her passion of representing her country in the Olympics. She found that at iProspect.

"I Work With Ridiculously Inspiring People."

Kou Luogon, Olympic Hurdler, US

In today's challenging digital world, CEO Gil Jones knows it's his team that keeps him one step ahead.

"That's The Magic That Makes it Enjoyable."

Gil Jones, Drummer, Israel

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