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Yelloh! Village. Boosting revenue through automation and data management

Our Challenge

Created in June 2000, Yelloh! Village is a European leader in the premium camping category. The Yelloh! Village network offers high-capacity ‘campsite-villages’ with consistent quality services and entertainment options to vacationers across France, Spain and Portugal.

The ambition for Yelloh! Village is to consistently find the best match between vacationers’ expectations and franchised campsites’ offerings. Accordingly, they keep a close eye on occupancy rates, their most critical KPI. Their main challenge for paid media stemmed from operating the large scale portfolio (91 locations, six languages) in a context where no automated processes were established. This lack of agility prevented Yelloh! Village from embracing yield management marketing and resulted in missed business opportunities.

The Results


Annual revenue increase

34% YOY

Annual revenue increase in the second year


Beyond revenue increase, the implementation of Business Data and Data Studio considerably improved our work processes. Yelloh! Village became more responsive to each franchisee’s true needs by quickly implementing the most relevant optimisations also accelerated performance reporting to the right stakeholders.

Our Strategy

A new data-led, automated process

To move away from the previous mostly manual process (Yelloh! Village emailing iProspect about the immediate need for a specific promotional push for a village, and iProspect switching from revenue-led optimisation to visibility-led optimisation to temporarily maximise the share of voice), iProspect and Yelloh! Village segmented the occupancy data in four mutually exclusive categories and defined bidding strategies for each category.

Thanks to that segmentation, when Yelloh! Village uploaded each village’s occupancy data in SA360, the correct bidding strategy was immediately implemented through automatic rules, which in turn optimised each village’s paid media presence according to their actual, daily business needs. No more labor intensive visibility-led workaround was needed: campaigns were 100% led by revenue and ROI, improving overall efficiency.

A more robust, unified view of paid search performance

To obtain a comprehensive view of performance, we integrated all data sources into the measurement strategy: analytics data from Yelloh! Village website, paid search conversion data from SA360 Floodlight tags, and occupancy data (i.e., villages’ daily occupancy rates) uploaded via the Business Data feature.

We used the data to attribute each conversion to the right channel and fed the data into a Data Studio report tailored for Yelloh! Village. Data Studio features allowed us to easily and efficiently report

In a nutshell, the combination of Business Data, Labels and Automatic Bidding was the perfect response to monitor and boost each campaign performance, increasing media efficiency, improving teams productivity and reducing the risk of human mistakes.

“Working with iProspect enables us to test every new Google product. We have been the first in Europe to roll out Business Data, and it helped us not only achieve but exceed our objectives!”

Rémi Genon Catalot

Digital Client Acquisition Manager, Yelloh! Village