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The Challenge & Goal

VR is becoming more and more mainstream. And with Unlimited Data, everyone can imagine themselves in virtual reality whenever you want without any data care. The only concerns you might have are your looks. Aim: to realize awareness for the subscription Unlimited Data in combination with the embracing of the mobile data technology. With this we want to increase brand awareness and strengthen the image as a qualitative, funprovider - different from other providers.

The Results

Video views

5 M

Video completions


Harnessing the power of VR and the social reach of celebrities and social influencers, iProspect drove significant video views and awareness for Tele2.

Video completions among the followers of Loiza and Montell



It resulted in the first VR headset with a statement: #stream with style. To bring this to the fore, Tele2 made a video of 0:47 seconds in which the main characters Jan Taminiau, Montellen Loizade show limited edition Virtual Reality glasses. The video and the VR headsets were presented in Amsterdam during a 360-degree surrealist show with Loiza and Montell from Holland's Next Top Model. The presence of Jan Taminiau, Loiza Montell and the message has resulted in a huge PR spin-off as the start of the campaign. Based on our objective, we have focused our campaign on a broad media target group 16-49, with extra emphasis on 16-34, for example. the models Loiza and Montell. The choice of media channels, selection of people in creation and the influencers are carefully tailored to this. The content does contain the hashtag, so people always link it to #streammetstyle. Watch the Case Video here

The Implementation

The Tele2 VR video is targeted on YouTube, social, blogs and viral platforms. In addition, online news sites and branded content articles were used where the VR video was embedded. Even Jan Taminiau and the VR video came as an item in RTL Boulevard to kick-off the PR. Talk shows and many (online) news platforms did not stop talking about the message Jan Taminiau, VR and Tele2 #stream with style. Tele2 also made optimum use of the social channels of Loiza and Montell, which resulted in an unprecedented video boost in terms of completed views and engagement. Based on these insights, interim influencers have been used extra to further increase the VR video among followers on social media. The influencers (Fred van Leer and Victoria Koblenko) were chosen because of their target audience and social followers. For searches with campaign-related keywords, Tele2 was visible with VR video on YouTube, as well as via Google/Bing on all branded content and PR articles on news and blog sites, resulting in high exposure. With a fully integrated approach and by putting every media channel (earned, owned and paid) in its power and being relevant, Tele2 has been able to achieve significant results in a very short time in its own fun-rebel way.

About Tele2 Nederland

Tele2 is a telecom provider and provides both fixed and mobile telephony services, data networks and internet services. The company has become known for offering cheap calls for consumers. Tele2 is part of T-Mobile since 2018 in the Netherlands. www.tele2.nl

Tele2 #streammetstyle

Jan Taminiau and Tele2 make a statement with the first fashionable VR glasses