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Switching to shorter URL structure increased organic market share and sales


The Challenge

Intgergamma do-it-yourself store brands KARWEI and GAMMA have a huge range of products with unique characteristics such as brand, color and size which were reflected in overly complex URLs that negatively impacted online visibility, search results and sales.

Our challenge was to implement a 'clean' and shorter URL structure to increase organic sessions and sales for KARWEI and GAMMA.

The Results

  • Increase organic market share for KARWEI by 29.2% and GAMMA by 28.7%
  • Increase in organic sessions for KARWEI 25.4% YoY and GAMMA 29.9% YoY
  • Increase in organic sales for KARWEI with 38.7% and GAMMA with 8.9% 


We successfully implemented a large and risky URL change for all Intergamma brands resulting in a significant increase in organic visibility and revenue and ultimately surpassing two major competitors on organic market share!

The Strategy

After performing a comprehensive technical audit, our team designed a new URL structure for every part of the website. With the go-live of the new URL structure, we implemented the migration from the old to the new URLs using one-to-one 301 redirects to keep the pageranks and we closely monitored the migration for signs of deployment bugs.