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Our Challenge

Groupama, a leading insurance and financial services company in France, wanted to transform their paid search strategy. Their approach, focused on generating a maximum number of quotations on the website, was not sufficiently agile to address their organisational and product specificities.

• Media campaigns were managed at the national level but Groupama's commercial activity is divided into regional insurance funds with individual business targets. Conversion rates vary from one local insurance fund to another (e.g., some funds receive too many quote requests and do not have enough staff to handle appointments).

• Digital is key to driving quote requests through the national website but when it comes to transforming a quotation into a client, local agencies or call centres are key. Furthermore, the purchase journey is quite long and complex (e.g., written exchanges, phone conversations, meetings in local agencies).

We moved away from a digital-only approach based on the national number of quotes to design an omnichannel strategy taking into account regional offline conversion rates and the agencies’ true capacity to handle volumes of leads locally.

The Results

YOY Contracts


Non-branded quotes

35% Increase

Our Strategy

The strategy was threefold:

1. Set bespoke quotation goals per region, weighed according to sales resources (i.e., factoring the maximum number of quotes each fund could manage and the percentage of achievement of their objectives). In SA360, we created custom variables to match the French administrative divisions with Groupama regional funds. We also used custom columns to integrate the new KPIs and labels to associate the right objectives to each regional fund. We created as many formulas as there were regional funds and products (health, auto, housing).

2. Refocus investments on the insurance funds with the best processing rates. We set up a coefficient to weigh or under weigh our bidding strategy according to Groupama’s regional objectives. When a fund was ahead of schedule or understaffed, we reduced its investment. On the other hand, we boosted the regions that were not meeting their objectives but had enough resources to process additional estimates. This regional approach maximised the chances of a lead to actually become a customer.

3. Measure the length of conversion. The challenge was to manage the volume of investment and quotes in real time but optimise to conversions that take two to three months on average. That’s why we created two different metrics:
• A theoretical metric based on the number of actual conversions/new clients acquired as recorded by Groupama in the previous months. It allowed us to score each local insurance fund and prioritise the ad diffusion and the number of quotes to those that had the best chance to transform them into real business.
• A real metric based on the exact volume of contracts generated on the customer CRM side. It allowed us to adjust the theoretical metric each month and adapt it to the real volume of clients by local insurance fund.