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The Challenge

Chevrolet Captiva, a GM SUV, wanted to communicate differently with their consumers, seeking to increase brand awareness and engagement with potential customers. The SUV is designed for the modern family, with a sporty design and cutting edge technology. Chevrolet Captiva wanted to showcase the product without explaining specifications, technical details or price. The aim was to show a brand identity and approach the target group more authentically.

The goal was to find a way to create content without explaining the benefits of the product and then finding a place to put the content to properly reach the target audience.

The Results

Brand awareness views


Times shared by fans


By finding the most authentic way to share the Chevrolet Captiva with the target audience, great results were achieved and the client was happy.

Likes on the "Adulto Contemporáneo" fan page



The Strategy

​iProspect first analyzed the target audience, understanding their current needs, experiences and lifestyles. With this important consumer knowledge, the team started looking for alternatives inside different platforms that would allow direct contact, speaking their same language.

“Contemporary Adult” is a light hearted web series whose audience matched that of Chevrolet Captiva. The lifestyle, way of thinking and behaving and the demographic characteristics were all spot on and are portrayed in the characters in the show.

Once identified as a match, iProspect recommended the product presence as a lead role in the web series, by creating an episode called, “The Automobile”.

Finding different and innovative solutions for GM, is one of the great challenges that we face every day. We found in the web series "Contemporary Adult", a platform that reflects the Captiva target experiences. Challenge accomplished.

María Victoria Hoyos

Digital Strategist and Planner Lead, iProspect

GM Contemporary Adult

Reaching the target audience in an authentic way without leading with the brand.