Pioneering into new search territory with auction-based merchandising

The Challenge

In 2013, iProspect and Intel launched the “PC Refresh” campaign – Intel’s first large-scale direct marketing SEM initiative. This massive, global undertaking (seven countries, five languages, forty retailer partners) enabled Intel to drive traffic to retailer partners in exchange for sales insights. The campaign was a strong success and a step in the right direction, but it lacked the efficiency and scale that the team ultimately envisioned. Though the campaign did help Intel influence consumers from the search engine results page (SERP), it didn’t provide the level of control or insight that would allow the brand to definitively connect the dots between advertising and sales.

So, in 2014, Intel and iProspect launched “PC Refresh v 2.0” with the goal of giving Intel more control over product promotion and better, more detailed insights into exactly how their advertising campaigns influence customers and affect retail sales.

The Results

  • +23%

    share of wallet

  • +240%

    Q1 response rate exceeded industry averages

  • +41%

    page result coverage

  • +7%

    share in units sold

Auction-based merchandising not only gave Intel the ability to promote their product SKUs directly on retailer sites to consumers searching for those specific products, it also gave Intel an unprecedented level of control over which products to promote on a per-SKU, per-site basis. This was ideal to having to rely on the retailers’ natural merchandising, or having to negotiate with an OEM. Via HookLogic, Intel also gained access to standardized reporting that provided valuable sales insights by retailer. 


Intel branding campaigns always seek to keep their technology top-of-mind so that when consumers are making a purchase decision, they are thinking about “Intel Inside.” With PC Refresh 2.0, iProspect wanted to help Intel implement an entirely new kind of search initiative using auction-based merchandising on retailer sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and others. Unlike more traditional display placements, or even native advertising content on the retailer’s site, auction-based merchandising integrates the search ad directly into the research and buying experience.

The campaign used a two-prong approach: one piece of the campaign on Amazon’s proprietary on-site network, and the other piece deployed and managed via the HookLogic platform. Working with iProspect, Intel was actually one of the first brands to explore and test HookLogic’s revolutionary ad format – a solution that delivers scale for auction-based merchandising by providing standardized placement across a broad network of retailers which do not, like Amazon, have their own in-house auction-based merchandising services. 

This allowed Intel to efficiently integrate search ads for specific products with the retailer’s on-site search results.

This is entirely new territory for us, but we’re excited about the results and the opportunity to influence consumers in a very specific, direct, and measurable way.
Corey Carrillo Sr. Manager SEM & Performance Media, Intel