Driving higher ROIs for hundreds of global campaigns with remarketing

The Challenge

Intel Corporation wanted to find an efficient way to cultivate an on-going conversation with their most valuable customer prospects across 63 countries. While consumers often visited the brand’s website, they also engaged in a lot of pre-purchase research across a variety of retailer and other third-party sites. Intel needed a paid search strategy that would enable them to acknowledge a customer’s previous visits to their site, engage returning visitors appropriately via unique landing pages and tailored ad text, and also optimize and automate bid adjustments based on actual campaign performance.

The Results

  • 49%

    higher click-through rates (CTR)

  • 11%

    lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

  • 30%

    increase in conversion rates (CVR)

By combining Remarketing Lists for Search Ads with a customer-centric strategy and the efficiencies gained through audience-based bidding automation, Intel was able to not only achieve stronger overall search performance, but was also able to make their budgets go further by streamlining ads and optimizing bids to deliver improvements in CPC efficiency across all SEM campaigns globally.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads has made our AdWords budget work harder. With this approach we see higher conversion rates of engagement, and RLSA helps us to better utilize our marketing spend with more efficiency and greater scale.
Corey Carrillo Sr Manager, Global SEM and Performance Media, Intel Corporation

The Strategy

Creating and implementing a consistent structure for a multi-market, enterprise campaign of this size and complexity – 63 countries, 23 markets, 24 languages, 46 accounts, and more than 500 campaigns – required close coordination and extreme diligence. From obtaining brand approval, to working closely with Google to optimize the customized export of cookies from Google Analytics to AdWords, the relatively lean account team had to handle an enormous amount of information and detail with accuracy and speed.

We created their remarketing lists of customers’ on-site behavior based on cookie data from it's "always-on" global search campaigns via Google Analytics. We then segmented the lists into 7 cookie pools ranging from “bouncers” to “highly engaged took place. Visits were assigned to a particular pool based on the recency and page depth of their last visit to the company website (for example- the assumption being that customers who visited within the past seven days and viewed a greater number of pages were more likely to convert).

The team implemented standardized baseline bid adjustments for each cookie pool based on the presumed likelihood of conversion. These adjustments were applied consistently across all markets in all countries – an impressive feat in itself – to ensure a uniform application of best practices and a universal customer experience. This global consistency also gave the brand a more accurate way to judge performance across markets. Finally, the team implemented DoubleClick algorithms to automate daily bid adjustments based on the actual performance of individual campaigns.