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#The Essentials: Q3 2020

Identifying Your High Value Customers

As ‘market disruptors’ go, COVID-19 is a behemoth. Almost overnight it wiped out entire industries whilst simultaneously funneling explosive levels of demand into others, something no-one could have predicted or controlled. Who would have thought loo roll would be 2020’s most valuable commodity?

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But looking beyond what we can’t control, the ultimate driver of long-term demand is still true: customers. More specifically, high-value customers. If you know who they are, you can easily tap into them and efficiently grow your business with targeted, relevant messages.

On this basis, the critical challenges that organisations - in feast or famine - need to address is who are my high-value customers? How do we identify and reach them and when? How do we invigorate loyalty and growth through effective customer strategy? Of the myriad of ways that businesses can effectively approach this, all are underpinned by another (genuinely) valuable commodity: customer data.

Here we share the steps to take to identify your high value customers and how to better understand them, to deliver a powerful audience & customer strategy.

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