Introducing a New iProspect


Canada, March 17th - Dentsu has relaunched iProspect following its merger with Vizeum in January, but even though the Vizeum name has disappeared, its capabilities are being used to crate a new digital-first, end-to-end media model.

Dan Kalinski, CEO of iProspect in Canada, says the agency has a lofty ambition – to be the first media agency to offer “performance-driven brand building at a global scale…born at the intersection of where the science of performance marketing and the art of brand building come together.”

“After 25 years of sustained global growth, we felt we needed to reinvent for the next chapter and broaden the scope,” he says. iProspect’s legacy in digital and performance legacy has had Vizeum’s broadcast and consumer planning expertise added to create an end-to-end agency that is focused on performance every step of the way. “The traditional distinction between lower and upper funnel marketing is no longer helpful in an omnichannel world, as all brand interactions can lead to purchase.”

Kalinski adds that the agency believes the model in Canada will be an evolution of that vision. Canada is a top ten market for the Dentsu network, he says, and there are ambitious plans for its growth. Last year, one of its strongest ever, included uniting its Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal teams to better integrate the agency’s offering. He says the new iProspect is leaning deeply into new technology and performance transformation.

“Our model is to help clients scale that up, sustain performance, and deliver incremental value. It is both what we do and how we do it that helps differentiate our offering, plus some of the smartest people in the industry work with us.”

To facilitate the new focus, iProspect is continuing to add talent and capabilities in line with the growing scope of the business.

“Performance marketing requires a razor-sharp skill set that is rooted in knowledge, agility, and an understanding of what is possible, and how to deliver exponential growth,” Kalinski says. “Our ability to offer end-to-end capabilities is critical.”

Published in Media in Canada