Our Work

Closing the Gap


The Reality

Despite Norway’s gender-equal reputation, women and men remain far from equal when it comes to finances. DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group, dubbed this gender disparity the #capitalgap. Beyond just raising awareness of the gap, our opportunity was to engage with this underserved audience of 2.5 million women, encourage them to take greater control of their wealth, and increase DNB fund sales to female customers.


Drive awareness
Our wide-reaching multichannel campaign ranged from print to video spots to social media. We even projected the message “Men own 80 percent of private equity values in Norway. #girlinvests” on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Promote Action
All prospective investors were offered additional information highlighted the disparity between male and female investments. Visitors were then directed to DNB’s savings app, Spare, or encouraged to make fund purchases through DNB’s website.

The Numbers


increase in fund sales to female customers during #girlinvests campaign period compared to same period in the previous year


increase in new fund customers during #girlinvests campaign period


increase in downloads of the Spare savings app