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Reporting & Insights


With every new digital service comes the added strain of learning a new approach to tracking, measuring and understanding what ’good performance’ looks like. Reporting done properly is a great leveller – breaking down barriers to understanding the meaning and significance of data and providing fast, effective ways to hypothesise, build, test and prove. Through our Reporting and Insights solution, we design and manage bespoke dashboards and reporting solutions that answer questions with insight.

With our data visualisation solutions, brands can dive in to the specifics of ‘why’ and ‘what’ is driving customers, users and stakeholders to take action.


Whilst visualisation is often misconceived as something relatively simple, it in fact takes a great deal of time and energy to build, and, more importantly, to maintain. Too often, whilst something may be created, it is not then used. This is why we have designed an approach that not only builds beautiful, purposeful dashboard products, but also ensures the implementation of their learnings via a pragmatic and intelligent process.


Our solutions are built on unprecedented access to raw data: cleaned, structured, mapped and documented. With this, brands can dive in to the specifics of ‘why’ and ‘what’ is driving customers, users and stakeholders to take action. High levels of flexibility and customisation during the build phase allows us to shape solutions according to almost any marketing need.


  1. Data extraction

    Data is extracted directly from the relevant sources and transformed into readable and clean formats. We take the time to understand this data and what will be required from it.

  2. User-driven setup

    We create visualisations that adhere to our two rules: one, that we must answer a question, and two, that this answer must be put into context. We customise user logins for each stakeholder to access the most relevant data they need to achieve their goals.

  3. Data integration

    We act as neutral arbiters of data, providing one view that all parties agree on as fair. We then turn this into active, well-evidenced recommendations that are usable right then and there.

  4. Continuous guidance

    Everything that can be automated is automated and made available 24/7. Over time, more modules are built to answer more challenging questions, and we continue to offer guidance.