Making the Most of British Summer with AdWords Weather Script

The Challenge

Vauxhall came to us with a business challenge: to look at opportunities to promote their convertible car during the summer months. In a saturated brand space we had to innovate to stand out. It was also imperative that we provide maximum return for our client’s investment.

With their model, the Cascada, Vauxhall were the new kids in a crowded online generic advertising space. Standing out and making a big impact were essential for the success of this bold car. 

The objectives for us were clear – rise above the noise, measure the success, maximise the relevance of searches.

With the right creative in place, we knew we were showing off the best aspects of the product, but success in this campaign would come through precision timing and responsiveness.

By making the ad-spend fit the weather forecast, we planned to out manouvere the competition. 

The Strategy

Consumers don’t always think of cars as seasonal products, but when it comes to convertibles – summer has the edge. When Vauxhall came to us with a proposition to enter a new space in the market, they needed to make a big impact from the start.

The idea is straightforward. When it’s hot outside, people like to imagine themselves driving a convertible car. When it’s freezing cold and drizzling, it’s not such a high priority.

Vauxhall had arrived in a new convertible space with a desirable product, at the right price. Now all we had to contend with was the legendary British summer. We needed a campaign to match audience emotions, no matter what was happening outside their windows. 

Rather than investing in generic, summertime messaging across the board, we decided to  use a combination of dynamic copy for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ weather, along with our custom-made iProspect AdWords weather script, we were able to release ads that perfectly matched the weather outside.

To manipulate the AdWords copy for convertible car searches we used the iProspect AdWords weather script (our proprietary tool).

This reminded users of the good weather conditions and therefore determined the effect of the weather on a user’s intent - including this in our ad copy 

The Results

  • 20%

    Boost in Actions when using Good Weather Copy

  • 19%

    Increase in CPA with Good Weather Copy

  • No.1

    Position on Google Search Results

Adapting to suit the climate worked. In the Cascada, we showed that it is possible to sell convertibles to the British, even in the wettest of summers.

The campaign placed Vauxhall into the #1 position within the generic space on Google’s search results and delivered strong leads through the use of weather-based copy.

Our ‘good weather copy’ ads delivered on efficiency too. When the weather was hot, we saw a 20% action (click) and a 19% reduction in CPA. Our innovative approach turned the tables in a highly competitive luxury market, giving the Cascada the chance to shine, even when it was cloudy.

Working with the British summer provides its own challenges, but thanks to our use of technology we were able to turn the weather’s unpredictability to our advantage, ensuring maximum return for our client’s investment.

By utilising our market-leading technology within a real-time context, we were able to deliver an innovative, lead-driving campaign
Matt Rance Digital Marketing Manager, Vauxhall