Sky Bet

Custom script optimises bids hour by hour

The Challenge

Paid search changes fast. If you’re in gaming, like Sky Bingo, the pace is relentless, especially at peak traffic hours, when bidding gets particularly aggressive. If we could find the traffic without the inflated costs, we'd 

save a lot of money which could then be reinvested into other areas that needed it. We decided to write a custom script that would give us more control, both technically and practically, than any other bidding tool out there.

The Strategy

To see how well our custom script worked, we put together an on-off-on testing plan. We’d set the script running for three weeks, note any changes and then turn it off for a week before setting it going again. The one-week off period would tell us if any changes were down to the script, or something else. If the script really saved money, as we hoped it would, we’d leave it running indefinitely and put the extra budget towards something else.

Working with developers in London, Leeds and San Francisco, we created a script that would optimise bids hour-by-hour, driving down CPCs (cost-per-click) and incrementally buying more traffic for less. Although there are platforms that do this kind of thing, they only change bids on a 4-hour basis, too slow for a fast-paced industry like gaming. Our script neatly solved this problem.

The Results

Over our three-week test period, Sky Bingo’s CPC went down dramatically.

When we paused the script for a week, CPCs started to rise by up to 107%. When we reactivated the script (our confirmation test) we saw the average CPC go down to the same level again.

Overall, we’d reduced CPCs sufficiently to save nearly a third of the budget.

Our next step was to re-invest the savings into other PPC activities, doing this saw the Sky Betting & Gaming base grow by an estimated 7%.