Harnessing the interplay of TV and Twitter to generate conversations and an interactive experience

The Challenge

Nokia challenged us to ‘make Sunday nights more dramatic’, driving participation around the #Nokia4Drama hashtag – with the ultimate goal of boosting Nokia’s association with Drama on 4. 

As the Lumia 1020 was about to launch, we also needed to create talkability about the new device, positioning Nokia as a brand that captures the spirit of a savvy, smartphone-addicted audience.    

We based our campaign around two KPIs:

- Engagement: to create talkability, we needed 77,400 engagements at a cost of €0.52

- Awareness: we were looking for 2.5 million impressions. 

The Strategy

It wasn’t a brief, as much as a puzzle: a new device about to launch, a brand up against it in a competitive market, and a high profile TV sponsorship. How could we bring it all together, making each of the three elements lift each other, in a way that genuinely spoke to the target audience?

Twitter was the obvious answer. One of its most engaging aspects is its ability to bring TV audiences together, reinventing ‘appointment viewing’ as a mass, live experience. Through harnessing this interplay of TV and Twitter, we set out to achieve two objectives: get people talking about Nokia’s new Lumia 1020 device, and transform Nokia’s sponsorship of Channel 4 drama from a passive ident placement to a 3-dimensional interactive experience. 

Channel 4’s drama schedule offers lots of great content, but to achieve real momentum, we’d have to concentrate our efforts where they’d have the most impact. 

Homeland was the perfect match. With a large viewership (2.2 million peak viewers), it already had massive talkability among the key demographic of <25-35 year olds interested in tech and also HBO/ TV dramas>. Serving sponsored tweets to Nokia’s key demographic with precision timing, we asked users to tweet ‘dramatic’ selfies using the hashtag #Nokia4Drama, for a chance to see their faces featured in the Channel 4 idents during the next ad break. They’d also have the chance to win the new Nokia Lumia 1020. We worked closely with the Carat sponsorship team to coordinate the start time of the promoted tweets with each #Nokia4Drama ident during Homeland. At the same time, we used Twitter’s recently-released TV targeting platform to hone in on people watching and talking about the show. On the last week, we added a festive touch by asking people to tweet in a Christmas selfie. 

The Results

  • 113k


  • €0.29

    Cost per engagement

  • 2.9M


  • 196


With 113,000 engagements at a very low CPE of €0.29 (well below the UK average of €1), the campaign was a huge success. The tweets served over 2.9 million impressions, achieving the KPI of mass awareness and reach. We also saw 196 re-tweets and 159 replies to the promoted tweets.