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Say 'Bonjour' to Machine Learning

From Novelty To Necessity

Machine Learning’s metamorphic influence is being felt across the global business spectrum and the unprecedented speed of change makes it vital for businesses to understand the transformative impact. As Machine Learning moves from novelty to necessity, iProspect presents a whitepaper that bridges the gap for those wanting to take their understanding of Machine Learning from theory to real world application in 2018.


iProspect asked 250 clients across APAC, EMEA, North America and South America their views on the key challenges and expectations for 2018. When asked how Machine Learning will affect their business, 55% of respondents agree it will allow them to make better decisions through processing bigger data sets. Fewer than 2% think Machine Learning will have minimal to none impact on their business in 2018.


Written from a global perspective the paper includes real world examples of Machine Learning in practice today. Featuring input from Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Adobe this whitepaper provides a better understanding of the technology, its impact on business models, and how Machine Learning opens the scope of possibilities for brands.


“For marketers, Machine Learning opens up amazing possibilities. Machines get smarter as they are fed massive amounts of data continuously generated by users interacting with the system. While Machine Learning empowers companies to be more dynamic and exploratory, it’s important to note that Machine Learning will never supersede the need for humans in marketing.”


Table of Contents

1.     The Pressure To Perform - Why the advancement of technology has given rise to the expectant consumer who demands brand interactions

2.     The Power of Data -  Making sense of millions of data points and applying learning to business goals

3.     Marketing Powered By Machines - Media and messages can now be better aligned, resulting in a more relevant experience for consumers

4.     There is a Limit to Everything - Why Machine Learning isn’t a silver bullet for every marketer’s problems

5.     What You Can Do Today to Succeed Tomorrow - Immediate change factors for today's successful brands

“Machine learning is less about marketing automation and more about the marketer’s ability to solve previously unsolvable problems.”




We saw an opportunity to build a  system that could automate the media buying process for digital performance media. iProspect CORE is machine learning-powered optimisation engine that automatically analyses, activates, and optimises media based on our bespoke algortithms. CORE processes data at a rate of 6bn rows per minute, doubling the impact of performance media in half the time.​

We used CORE to automate the media-buying process for Eurostar, optimising both performance and efficiencies. ​

Essentially, we put paid search optimisation for Eurostar into the hands of our AI-based technology, leveraging the technology to make smarter portfolio buying decisions at a keyword level, improve and optimise search account structures and automate search query report processing. ​

The Results

  • 12%

    Decrease in Cost per Click

  • 26%

    Increase in Conversion Rate

  • 30%

    Decrease in Cost per Action


Working hand-in-hand with iProspect on our digital transformation journey; CORE is the latest example of how the agency collaborates to provide innovative solutions that address both our business and digital needs. Initial CORE results are very encouraging, cementing the way we work together for 2018 and beyond.
Guillemette Jacob Head of Marketing & Brand