Buy As You View

Buy As You View

Making Search Pay - Forensic Geo Targeting For Buy As You View

The Challenge

When we started working with Buy As You View in June 2013 they were focused on ambitious growth targets, whilst at the same time going back to basics to understand their customer life cycle and the customer acquisition model.

On this basis iProspect were immediately challenged to improve efficiency.  We began by looking at how digital pull channels such as PPC could deliver a return – something that had previously been seen as impossible due to the high degree of wastage in serving ads to customers outside BAYV fulfilment networks.

The BAYV network of agents in local communities is extensive but highly clustered with customers grouped across Wales, the North and Scotland. Typical PPC proximity campaigns could only allow for 500 locations per campaign. BAYV order their business into 6 top level UK regions, each with 100’s of unique geographical ‘rounds’ within them.

Under the old structure BAYV had operated 23 campaigns with 8,026 keywords at broad and phrase match, 10+ keywords in each ad group and different match types in each Ad Group. This was not delivering the required results.

The Strategy

iProspect, worked with the research and analysis teams to employ the technology & techniques traditionally used in Direct Mail marketing,  producing a granular map of BAYV existing customers and locations covered by their network.  This household level planning enabled us to create a geographical campaign that would be precise enough to mirror BAYV’s service footprint. 

We then created paid search campaigns for each region, providing a far higher degree of visibility and scope to optimise. We created our own code which enabled us to implement longitude and latitude data into our AdWords campaigns. From there our best practice PPC  

campaign implementation and optimisation ensured we could drive further business advantage for our client. 

The new structure created by iProspect has 569 campaigns with 50,525 keywords, Brand & Non Brand split out, relevant Site Links on all campaigns, 1-2 keywords in each Ad Group and targeted Ad Copy.

By developing our own custom script and through reorganising the keyword lists and match types, the new structure allowed us to target the geographic sales territories where BAYV operates rather than targeting the UK as a whole. This meant marketing spend was not attributed to leads the business could not process.

The Results

Using data we solved a challenge for our client that in their view, had been impossible to fix.

This innovation has delivered significant commercial returns: more control has led to significantly better results with greater efficiency but also higher 

volumes. CPL has fallen by 58% the first 6 months of the campaign, alongside an improvement in the conversion rate of 8.6%. By reducing the CPL the cost per sale has also gone down dramatically creating higher operating margins and profit per sale for the client.