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Innovation of Chatbots

The Innovation of Chatbots

Earlier this year, Facebook announced plans to offer businesses more ways to communicate to its customers. Currently, more than two million messages are sent between businesses and customers every month on Facebook Messenger. In this POV, two of our Paid Social experts explain how brands can utilise chatbots to stand out on social media platforms.

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Innovation of Chatbots

Messaging, as a communication channel, is growing faster than ever before. Catherine Chappell, iProspect's Paid Social Director, provides in-depth insight into chatbots and how they are fuelling this growth.

How exactly do chatbots - an innovative example of A.I. - connect consumers and brands? In 'The Innovation of Chatbots', iProspect's Head of Paid Social, Sebastian Redenz, and Catherine Chappell, Paid Social Director, share insight on the trends around messaging, the platforms that are leading the chatbot conversation and an example of how iProspect has successfully integrated chatbots in Diageo's Paid Social strategy. 

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