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What Next for the Media Industry? 2016 Revealed - Part 2

This article was first published on MediaTel here

2016 will be the most exciting year ever in media. Advances in technology for buying and measurement will let us finally make big strides in areas we've been struggling with for a long time.

More TV channels are offering addressable television ads, letting us buy specific population segments based on data, not geography. We'll even be able to track sales back to matching households, and measure TV as a real performance channel.

As users move across channels and devices we're getting traction with true cross device tracking now, and 2016 will see it become the default for advertisers. Consumer path analysis won't just restart when a user switches devices any more, but we'll be able to really learn how users interact with our brands and what sort of contact is influential at different touch-points.

Those touch-points will be so dependent on content as ad blockers fuel an increase in impactful content marketing. We'll find that a deep understanding of content and influence become a huge part of every media strategist's role: sharing, social, conversation, reading and watching behaviour will all be key data points to help prompt creative inspiration as we talk to customers. Expect to analyse formats, topics, sentiments and more as strategies are formulated.

All that content will be delivered in a truly personalised way. 2016 will see real traction in one of the biggest 2015 trends: big data analysis. A data management platform will stop being a luxury and become a necessity, and require technology and analysts who know how to take those big trends, learn insights, and apply them in the right way to the right people. Signal based marketing will deliver that unique experience to each user.