What can Google Analytics 360 do for your business?

What can Google Analytics 360 do for your business?

In late November we invited some clients to join us for Introducing Google Analytics 360, an event held in Edinburgh in partnership with Google, showcasing the benefits of the programme. Led by speakers from iProspect, Google and including a case study from one of our clients, the event brought to life the tangible benefits of Google Analytics 360 and what it can do for clients.

For anyone considering making the move across to Google Analytics 360 from the free version of Google Analytics, it’s likely because your account is collecting near to the limit of 10 million hits per month, as permitted on the free version. Though it’s important to establish that the benefits go beyond the permitted monthly hits; when looking at Google Analytics 360 we break down the benefits into five key areas:

  • Data Hygiene and Democratisation of Data
  • In our experience, we see wider usage of data by organisations using Google Analytics 360 vs other enterprise analytics tools. This puts insight in to the hands of more people in your business.
  • Google Analytics 360 also provides you with full access to unsampled data and reports, and gives you full ownership of that data.
  • Media Efficiency through audience segmentation

    • Each of your customers is an individual with individual needs. Google Analytics 360 gives you the power to create audience segments based on how a user interacts with your site.
    • These audiences can be shared with other tools in the Google Marketing Platform such as Display and Video 360, Search Ads 360 and Optimize 360 to deliver truly personalised experiences to them through acquisition and conversion.
  • Easy Integration of other data sources

    • Google Analytics 360 makes it possible to mix in data from other sources, be the first-party through things like native Salesforce integration, or third-party sources they can be passed directly in to the Google Analytics platform.
    • Alternatively, data can easily be taken out of the platform and in to cloud based analytics tools such as BigQuery for even more flexibility.

  • Built in Data Driven Attribution

    • Google Analytics 360 includes a built in Data Driven Attribution model that works out of the box given you access to powerful insight into how effective and important your different marketing tools are throughout the user’s conversion journey.

  • Early access to cutting edge features through our relationship with Google

    • Our relationship with Google often gets us early access to new features, white papers and betas that we can activate on your accounts.
    • We also have a view to “what’s coming next” so can help you prepare for changes that might be required in the future.

We’ve experienced these benefits directly with Thomas Cook. They challenged us to leverage their rich web analytics data to execute a more personalised media strategy. We met this challenge by using Google Analytics 360 to define and segment their audience and implement a pioneering activation approach. This enabled us to target audiences with tailored creative, resulting in a significant increase in revenue from digital marketing channels, an increase in ROI and a decrease in CPA.

Additionally, some of our clients are building their own amazing solutions off the back of the data that Google Analytics 360 provides them using tools like Big Query and Google Data Studio. The team presented their own journey from Google Analytics free to 360, through to some of the current exciting things they’re working on such as sentiment analysis of emojis used on social media platforms. They also talked about the team structure within their business that allows them to experiment, innovate and collaborate their way to great results.

We understand that the path to getting the most value from your data can be a long journey and Google Analytics 360 is just one step along the way. No matter where you are in your journey we can help, be that assisting you to get your Google Analytics free account configured correctly before you move to 360, or helping you take data out of an existing Google Analytics 360 setup to build your own attribution model. Our team can make sure that you’re moving in the right direction every step of the way.