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Top Tips for Affiliate Programme Migration

A successful programme launch, following a network-to-network migration, is the bedrock of a programme’s success. Getting the transition and integration of publishers correct from the beginning is key. You want to ensure that you are tracking all transactions correctly. This not only benefits the programme by ensuring your are making decisions based on correct data, but it will also reduce the number of admin tasks (like transactions queries) and keep the publishers happy.

After assessing the needs of your programme, and going through and selecting the perfect network for your company’s goals, you’ll then need to embark on two things:

  • An integration

  • A migration (if you moving from one network to another)

The Integration

The majority of networks have open access to the integration manuals for their network. Each network may have some differences on how to setup tracking however it is important to consider a few things.

  • Time: During the pitch, it is worth requesting the average time it takes for the network to complete an integration. This should give you an idea of how much resource is needed for you to complete and test.

  • Tech Teams: Ideally, before you finalise the decision, ask a member of your tech team to speak to your top two or three networks to understand the requirements. They can then advise on the time needed and ease of each option. At the very least, request copies of the implementation documents for your tech team to go over.

  • Testing: This seems self-explanatory, but the more tests you can perform, and the more variables/environments you can test, the more confidence you’ll have in the tracking.

  • Allow for delays: Factor in enough time for the project to be completed. This includes delays however these don’t always involve technical issues. 

  • Monitor: Once the integration is complete, closely monitor over the first seven days to check that the sales coming through are all present and correct.

The Migration

If you are migrating from one platform to another, you’ll need to perform a changeover of publishers. Fortunately, these days, most publishers are on all the large networks (it would be worth checking this before signing contracts), but again, we have a few key points to consider. 

  • Communication: Keep the publishers informed on what is happening with the programme. Give advance notice of changes and send updates on launch dates and delays.

  • Overlap: Where possible, give a reasonable overlap between networks to allow for migration from one platform to the other.

  • Incentive: Offer a slightly increased rate for the first 30 days on the new network as it will help encourage the publishers to migrate over from one network to the other.

  • Programme Cleanup: Use this opportunity to re-engage with publishers and move away from lapsed relationships.

  • Admin: Whilst the integration is underway, ensure you’re refreshing creative, updating terms and conditions, joining emails, contact details. You want to be ready once the integration is complete.

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