The Revival of Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate channel is experiencing a well-deserved revival in the midst of turbulent times caused by legislation changes and data transparency issues. With the steady rise of m-commerce and the relatively low entry barriers the affiliate industry is undoubtedly a fast-growing channel. According to an IAB report the affiliate marketing spend in 2018 was £429 million, resulting in a 6.2% uplift YoY. But why should advertisers capitalise on the comeback of Affiliate Marketing and add the channel to their overall marketing-mix? We have put together a few key points to answer this question.

Data Insights and Transparency

Data transparency and insights are imperative to drive performance and meet business objectives in the short- and long-term. Working with iProspect as a trusted agency to manage your affiliate marketing programme gives you access to detailed performance reports and analysis which help monitor your data and create a data led strategy. With our full transparency approach there are no hidden statistics or surprises to expect. The purely performance-based concept of affiliate marketing (you only pay commission to publishers when they generate revenue) enables advertisers to operate at optimised ROI levels compared to other channels where the data reliability and direct link to performance is not necessarily given to a full extend.

Bespoke Publisher Portfolio & High-Quality Content

Quality and strategic adaptability are key to succeed in an environment of constant change and affiliate marketing offers a vast variety of opportunities of rewarding partnerships especially given the growing relevance of influencers in this space. Our team of experienced affiliate specialists work closely with advertisers to build the right publisher portfolio that meets their business needs and beyond. The solid publisher recruitment and approval process is specifically tailored towards performance goals and brand guidelines to ensure the best suitability for clients.

Incrementality and Lifetime Customer Value

According to latest research the widely spread assumption that voucher codes don’t lead to incremental sales is highly controversial. A recent study conducted by Google disproves the view that sales which follow the use of voucher codes are sales that the advertiser would have generated anyway. The impressive results of the research show that 94% of customers were not on an advertiser site prior to using a voucher code and therefore the sales generated were incremental. The study also shows that there is a positive long-term impact on consumer shopping behaviour as voucher code users tend to show increased loyalty by returning for even higher value purchases.