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The Five Key Publishers in Affiliate Marketing

This month we are going to share examples of some of the key publisher types in Affiliates. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should provide you with a good starting point. By understanding the types of publishers within the industry, it can help your business develop an effective strategy that aligns with your business goals and brand values.

It can be tricky categorising publishers due to hybrid models that have emerged such as cashback sites that are also offering voucher codes. However, throughout the industry, we categorise publishers in to certain types to help with planning and optimisation. By understanding the potential ways of working, this enables us to drive performance by activating with the right publishers at the right time.

1. Cashback/Loyalty Publishers 

Cashback sites such as Quidco and Topcashback in the UK or in DE tend to be very profitable from an ROI perspective and can drive high conversion rates due to their lower funnel position. Cashback/Loyalty publishers usually have a large closed membership base and are able to share offers with their members. This publisher type is good to engage with if you would like to add an attractive incentive to a simple offer such as ‘Free Delivery’ for example

2. Voucher Publishers

Voucher sites such as, in the US or Sparwelt in DE have an established member base that can be quite beneficial if you are looking to improve conversion rate and increase revenue. While these sites are not suitable for high end luxury brands, as their visitors are usually price sensitive, they are playing a significant role in the overall publisher mix as one of the highest converting publisher types when compared to other publisher categories.

3. Content / Bloggers/ Influencers Publishers

These types of affiliates are great when it comes to targeting specific audiences while ensuring optimised results for new product launches that advertisers would like to share with their target audience. Content publishers review your new products, if provided with a sample, as well as relevant campaign information. This will also drive traffic. However, although these types of products do not convert as strong as voucher or cashback publishers, we would recommend them to drive awareness and consideration which tends to drive strong results in the retail vertical.

4. Data feed Publishers /Comparison sites

Comparison sites such as Pricerunner and Shopzilla are essential to run a successful affiliate programme but it’s important to remember that these type of publishers need optimised product feeds to ensure optimised results and a good user journey.

5. Mobile Publishers

Apps like TapJoy drive mobile engagement and create awareness through content monetisation. These types of publishers can help generate conversions with push notifications for example. Mobile publishers are also important to create awareness and consideration as part of the upper funnel strategy.


With the Affiliate channel becoming more and more sophisticated, a tailored approach is key to optimise results effectively and to apply the right tactics on publisher level.

Understanding the needs and benefits of different publisher types helps advertisers to determine which incentive and strategy is best suited to a specific segment of publishers.  This is relevant for advertisers that want to grow the channel in the right strategic direction as well as more mature and developed programmes to implement more sophisticated tactics for growth and optimisation. Get in touch with our dedicated Affiliates team to learn more.