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Should Your Brand Be Consolidating Ad Servers Globally?

A key topic that is high on the list of priorities for global clients at the moment is around the area of ad server consolidation. Aligning clear and meaningful taxonomy is the main reason behind any consolidation. Below we will explain why this has become so important, the benefits and how the team at iProspect can help businesses from planning to implementation.

Why should a global brand consider consolidating their ad server networks?

A large number of growing or established global brands/advertisers find themselves in the position where they are working with many different ad server network instances across their various local market regions. Most of these consist of teams working independently, producing their own data, implementing individual floodlight tags and using different taxonomy rules. It therefore comes as no surprise that ad server consolidations are on the rise and becoming a growing industry trend.

With so many fragmented markets working independently of one another, this inevitably leads to inconsistent trafficking processes. Without the benefit of hindsight, in the past,  distinct local markets across different countries have created their own rules for naming campaigns in their ad severs. This can result in data that is not aligned for holistic interpretation. Various conversion data points can also result in duplicated conversions being recorded. The more ad server instances there are means increased ad-tech spending.

What are the benefits of an ad server consolidation and what results should a brand look for?

Beginning the whole ad server setup afresh may seem like a daunting task but there are many benefits of a consolidation for both established and growing brands. A well-planned ad server consolidation lays the foundation for clean, consistent data across Channels and Markets. Consolidating to a single global network not only provides price transparency for ad serving rates, but it will also reduce ad serving, admin and operational costs. This results in more budget being freed up for actual media spending.

Our expertise in ad server configuration allows deduplication across Channels and Markets. Users are accurately counted once and not double counted, resulting in more accurate true conversion data. Brands seek this transparent and consistent data across all markets to provide them with a complete view of their global audience evolution. Brands can take ownership of their new consolidated global ad server network, meaning there is total transparency and ownership of their data.

Consistent data enables seamless ease when integrating Data Management Platform (DMPs), Demand side Platforms (DSPs), Analytics, Attribution and Data Visualisation. This produces an increase on investment and removes the need to translate or process data manually. Also, reporting is faster and time and resource is freed up to allow work on the more important tasks such as utilising and analysing data for greater insight into an audience. 

How our experts at iProspect can help

As a critical business partner for our clients, iProspect has overcome the challenges of transitioning multiple local network instances into a single consolidated ad server. iProspect draws on expertise within the agency and network  to plan and implement the new global ad server structure from scratch based on a client’s unique requirements.  We are happy to provide guidance, training and support to local markets for ad-hoc queries to ensure the smooth running of a successful consolidation. 

Here are some of the steps we follow to achieve this: 

  • Develop and structure the brand new global consolidated ad server.
  • Build a bespoke set of documentation and guides for campaign setup for use across all markets.
  • Create a unique Naming Convention for a brand’s campaign and placement names. This is checked regularly through frequent auditing.
  • Process documentation which is kept up-to-date when required.

We understand the importance of maintaining consistency across all markets and this needs to be managed on an ongoing basis, not just for the initial short term roll out of the project. Our dedicated team all have the knowledge of the best practices to follow when it comes to trafficking in the new network. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we provide the highest level of service from the initial discussions around a consolidation project right through to the first campaign going live and thereafter.


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