IWD 2018 4

Happy #IWD2018! Senior Women Across iProspect Voice Their Hopes 

Today, we celebrate women around the world and at iProspect with a very special post from some of our senior female leaders. The path for women has been widened thanks to inspirational women of the past and present so we honour them, and those in the future, today and every day. 

'Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher'. - Oprah Winfrey

My hope for the future of gender equality is…

that it stops needing to be a discussion point. That’s not to say that we should no longer recognise difference and challenge ourselves to have a diverse workplace. Rather, that gender equality should be a given, and whether you have x or y chromosomes, it’s what you do and how you do it that takes up our energy. Initiatives like international Women’s Day are an incredibly important step to help us on that journey; they give us a platform to call out inequality and the impetus to change.

-Sophie Wooller, Director of Data and Technology Products 

My hope for the future of gender equality is…

that we create true equality in the work place and at home. My hope is that we, as a society, make it acceptable for men to take shared parental leave, work flexible hours to accommodate nursery and school runs and most importantly, allow them to participate in society as a parent and be respected for it as women are. 

-Britt Soeder, Executive Director, iProspect London

International Women’s Day to me is a day to...

celebrate the progress that’s been made through the efforts of so many, in different professions, walks of life, and countries around the world. It’s also a day to reflect on where the equality gap remains, across gender, disability, the LGBTQ community and many more. This year has already given us much pause on the diversity debate. From Gender Pay Gap Legislation through to Oscar Night #Inclusion Riders, I hope this year comes to be seen as the tipping point for equality. How we translate cultural moments like these into day to day equalities is something I’ll be thinking about today. 

-Caroline Reynolds, Director of Performance Media Products

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