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Recipe for Making a Data Analyst

Data. It’s big. And it’s getting bigger.

An estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are born every day (IBM). That means, to process this, at least 69,000 Big Data Specialists are needed by the year 2017 (SAS).

Woah. That’s a pretty impressive number, but are there enough Big Data Specialists around to handle all this data?

And the data just keeps on growing. In just the last two years, 90% of global data has been generated, but only 26% of Business Executives are using the relevant data analysis tools and processes to manage it all (Deloitte).  With this in mind, you can imagine the increase in demand for Data Analyst jobs. In the US, ads for these job vacancies have gone from under 30,000 in 2009, to over 85,000 in 2013. That’s a 283% increase.

Although there are not enough bodies to tackle the data head on, there are also not enough resources to run in sync with them. In 2017, it’s estimated that for efficient management of all the incoming data monsters, the amount of big data specialists will have to increase by 243% (DAA, SAS).

We sense another ‘woah’ coming.

Fear not. This doesn’t mean that data will slowly and surely consume us. But it does mean that if we don’t act fast enough towards a positive solution, we will most likely have data coming out of our noses and ears (ew), and possibly haunting us in our dreams.

The solution? Education.

Meet ‘Data Analytics’

Now, Data Analytics is not a straightforward field. It involves an amalgamation of big data and data analytics.

Big data comprises of various elements; from transforming businesses, to data science, and implementation and involvement of big data technology and skills.

Data Analytics on the other hand, involves a little bit more. Various elements in analytics consist of marketing, web, social, game, financial and mobile analytics. These all link into each other, acting as a positive force in gaining an insight driven optimisation.  Of course to do all this, you will need to build a fabulous analytical team/organisation to carry out these tasks.

Ingredients for a super Data Analyst

This leads us onto some of the different ingredients essential for a great Data Analyst.

Remaining human and technology-centric, whilst being in touch with both your engineering and design side, will steer you in the right direction.  

Here are some spiffy verbs that cover the various happenings/adventures of a Data Analyst:

-          Report
-          Store
-          Integrate
-          Transform
-          Clean
-          Collect
-          Predict
-          Monitor
-          Communicate
-          Analyse
-          Explore

 And here are the main ingredients you will need to create your Data Analyst.

  • 1 cup of knowledge in technology and data
  • 1 cup of proficiency in Maths, Stats and business
  • 2 cups of inquisitiveness and intelligence
  • 1 automatic puzzle solver
  • 2 cups of creative and lateral thinking
  • 1 good ol’ dreamer

(Leave to set in a cool place.)


There needs to be enough of us in the world to tackle this Big Data monster, and currently there isn’t. There’s also a lack in the amount of professionals offering to help develop the essential skills you need in the market, and it seems that this gap is increasing.

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