International Women Day

#PressforProgress: Teams at iProspect Mark International Womens Day 2018

On Thursday (8 March), people around the globe will be celebrating International Women's Day to recognise the achievements of past and present women who have paved the way for the future. To mark this important date, we'll be featuring a new blog post every day from the teams across iProspect who share their thoughts on: 

  • what IWD means to them
  • their hopes for the future of gender equality
  • how they plan to conquer the divide 

Today's post we hear from Abi, Clarah and Elly from the Engagement team: 

International Women’s Day to me is a day to celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives and to support female empowerment.

It’s about recognising how far we’ve come, but also how far we still need to go to close the gender divide and achieve equality. It’s a day to inspire and be inspired, to appreciate the courageous lengths women have gone to, to fight for the opportunities we have today - but it’s also a day to recognise the need to continue fighting for the future of women all over the world if we are to conquer the divide once and for all.

-Abi Rowley, Content Marketing Manager

My hope for the future of gender equality is that the word feminism no longer has any bad connotations towards it. Feminism at its core is for everyone to be treated equally no matter what gender you identify as. I do love having an International Women’s Day and I feel empowered by it, however I think if we truly want to be equal, we need to ensure that there is a collaborative effort to close the divide even further. To be treated as an equal I believe you have to actually treat everyone equally.

-Clarah Filtness, Content Marketing Executive

I will conquer the divide by being as helpful and open as I can with everyone I work with, as tackling this issue should not mean isolating other groups. Our values at DAN are crucial to collaboration for us to be successful and I absolutely think this applies here too. I feel responsible in setting an example to others and demonstrate this by being positive and resourceful as much as I can. Being welcoming and supportive to all in the same way is the key to success and bringing people with you.

-Elly Russell, Senior Content Marketing Manager

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